Parenting Isn’t A Science. Or Is It?

The first time I got on Twitter, I couldn't understand it. In fact, I thought it was overblown hype and couldn't stand it. A year later, I tried it out again. It was then that I discovered a world full of funny parents. It was there that I discovered Science of Parenthood. They were funny on Twitter, but their blog was even more entertaining! They "got" everything I was experiencing as a mom. Fitting because Norine and Jessica, the geniuses behind the blog, are moms who have experienced it ALL! Now, Read more [...]

A Snowy Housewarming

The weather this fall has been beautiful. Cool, but not cold, days followed by chilly evenings. Then, yesterday, it changed. Snow charged in from the west dumping two inches of snow on the ground with a cold front behind it dropping the temperatures fast. Slushy roads turned to ice and not enough salt trucks out to prevent the resulting skids and slips. Naturally, I scheduled the housewarming party for yesterday, on what turned out to be the coldest, snowiest day of the fall.  When it comes Read more [...]

Caffeine is My Friend

Exhaustion isn't anything new for me. After all, I'm the mother of three little girls. But, today I'm struggling. All I want to do is crawl into my bed, pull the covers over me, and sleep. Sleep all day today and perhaps tomorrow as well. Saturday night my problems began. There were signs earlier that day but I thought it was a fluke. By dinner time, I knew there was an issue. I had a stomach bug. My many trips to the bathroom made it seem as if I was doing laps. My oldest, Ginny. kept asking, Read more [...]

44 Fun Facts

Two weeks ago today my husband and I sold our home. We then went to the bank to deposit the check and get another check so we could buy our new home the next morning. Insane. Since then, my focus has been on unpacking and shopping. Because, of course, you buy a new house, you need to buy more shit stuff for it. So intent on getting our house together, I came close to forgetting my husband's 43rd birthday. Before going on another shopping trip, I looked at Chris and asked him what day Read more [...]

My Week in Pictures: Moving Edition

The last few weeks have been insane; a whirlwind of activity and stress. So much stress that I couldn't write. I had ideas, but every time I tried to write, I would freeze up. Too many other things intruded on my thoughts to allow me to compose anything worth reading.  A few days ago, the stress from selling a home, buying a home, and moving came to an end. Well, for the most part. We successfully closed on both homes. The move went as smooth as it could have. Now I hope to find everything Read more [...]

Dusting Off My Shelfies

Last night, the Emmy Awards were held in Los Angeles and aired for the world to see. The Emmy Awards signal the beginning of première week on television. The Emmy's say goodbye to the last season as we welcome in the new one. As a lifelong fan of television, I look forward to September; bringing with it all the new shows I can't wait to see for the first time to all my returning favorites. Of course, with a million channels, I go through the difficult task of narrowing down what it is I will Read more [...]

Who Has Time to Write? (When Buying a House)

Sweep and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors Clean the baseboards. Vacuum. Scrub the bathrooms. Clean the windows. Declutter and rearrange furniture. All of that is why I haven't written anything in the last few weeks. I have a lot to write. A lot going through my head as I tackled each task, but no time to sit and write. I miss writing. I need to write. However, cleaning and prepping my house to sell was more important than writing. The above list was just my list. While I did all Read more [...]

15 Great Back-to-School Movies

As summer tapers off to the beginning of autumn, you know what comes next--the first day school. Scrolling through my Facebook feed lets me know that many children have already returned to their classrooms to learn. Friends and family have taken their daughters and sons off to college to start their adventures away from home.  At my house, we sit and wait. In two weeks, our four-year-old's preschool year will begin. This year she will be attending a new preschool in our small town, instead Read more [...]

One Step at a Time

I used to take walking for granted. That was before I had to learn how to walk again.  When  I went to the University of Kansas as a freshman, I planned to walk to all my classes. And, I did. There were buses I could take to class, if I wished, but I never did. Not once. I spent four years on that campus and walked to each and every class. Not only that, I gave campus tours walking backward through the campus as I shared my love for KU to prospective students and their parents.  At Read more [...]

On the House Hunt

My family has the perfect size house--for a family of three. After having Samantha, we are now a family of five. While I like our house, we have outgrown all 1700 square feet. (Sounds larger than it is. The layout makes it feel small.) Could we manage to live here longer? Yeah, but things are a bit crowded and it is time for us to move to a larger home. And, if you haven't guessed, we aren't part of the tiny house trend.  For the last couple of months, we've been getting our house Read more [...]