Monday is here, loud and proud! Of course, my girls decided that they wanted to get up extra early this morning, 5:45. Ugh! I’ve crawled into this day with as much energy as I can muster (which isn’t a lot since the baby kept me up late). Thank goodness I get to share my list […]

15 Fantastically Funny Facebook Posts

Another Monday? That must mean another week of hysterically funny Facebook posts from yours truly. Well, I didn’t write them all, others did, but you’ve got the idea.  I normally include my funny posts in this round-up, but not this week. I just wasn’t that funny, or my kids weren’t. We spent hours with each […]

15 Fantastically Funny Facebook Posts

It has been a busy week in my world. My three-year-old FINALLY decided she might start potty training. Of course, a few days later, we had to go on a last minute trip to South Dakota. Now all that progress is on hold. (I hate to say lost, but let’s just say she’s not acting interested […]

15 Fantastically Funny Facebook Posts

It’s hard for me to believe that it is the end of July. I swear it still feels like June. The calendar, though, makes it clear that the end of summer break is near. Now I find myself getting my oldest ready to start Kindergarten (how can that be??) while trying to convince my middle […]

Odd Things About Me


I’m a sucker. I’m a sucker for every little survey or quiz found on Facebook. Resist? Never. Resistance is futile (yes, I’m a geek). I want to know who should be my best friends for life and where I should live for the rest of my life.These are all-important, life-altering decisions! It helps to have […]

15 Fantastically Funny Facebook Posts

It’s been pure craziness for the last 24 hours (or so) in my house. I heard that lice made life hell for parents, but I had no idea until now. I’m still not done laundering EVERYTHING. Wow!  Between the lice and the Republican National Convention, it’s been an interesting week. I love that I can […]

Call Me Dee

If you ask my parents why they named me Denise, they will say, “We thought it was a pretty name.” And that’s how I got my name. I wasn’t named after a celebrity or anyone they knew. (Well, my mom’s roommate in college was Denise, but I wasn’t named after her, so my mother says.) […]

15 Fantastically Funny Facebook Posts

Between soccer, playdates, Kindergarten registration, and thunderstorms, it has been a busy week in my world. Having three kids keeps me busy. Having three kids who need to go places makes life a bit insane. Is it too late to reconsider this parenthood thing?  While I do question parenthood sometimes, I would never trade it […]

10 Awesome Summer Movies

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam which means that they pay for the streaming service in exchange for me posting once a month about the service. All opinions are my own.  Mid-July. Hot. Humid.  Miserable. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate summer weather? I’m sure I have. Thank goodness for Willis […]