10 Thoughts on Compassion

In a few short weeks, thousands of bloggers worldwide will be writing about compassion. It isn't the first time compassion has been discussed. For centuries, people have talked about the importance of compassion and the role it plays in our lives!  Today, I share 10 thoughts on compassion that highlight what it means to me. Do you have a favorite quote about compassion, mercy, kindness, or empathy? If so, please share it in the comments!    Read more [...]

Fear, Hope, and a Baby…

The sound of hunting horns jolted me awake. Not real hunting horns, just the sound of a text coming in on my phone. Before looking at the text, I looked at the time, surprised to see it was 7:14 a.m. Then, I heard my husband, Chris, outside our room getting ready to leave the house and take our three-year-old to school.  I figured the text had to be from a family member, namely my mom or sister. They are the only people I know who would text me so early in the day. And, to be fair, I normally Read more [...]

10 Things This Pregnant Woman Needs

How does one survive pregnancy? Patience. Lots and lots of patience.  When you are pregnant, you find yourself counting weeks, not months. Your life revolves on the age of your growing fetus. Most pregnant women probably know how many weeks pregnant they are better than the day it is. For example, I know that I'm 20 weeks 2 days pregnant, and have another 19 weeks to go. If asked the date, I'd have to look it up. Sad, but true story.  Anyhow, I've been through this pregnancy thing Read more [...]

Doggy Love

Soon, my adorable furry companion in life will turn 12 years old. I adopted Daisy Mae when she was about 7 months old (+/- 1 month). Her sweet disposition has won over many fans over the years. I can think of only a couple of people who don't like her. (I think the issue is with them, not her.)  When I met Daisy, her long fur covered her body and even her eyes. She looked at me through the crate at the SPCA in Lakeland, Florida with longing. In my heart, I knew I found the perfect dog for Read more [...]

1000 Voices

One voice does not sound very loud, most of the time. One voice can try to change things and may do so, even with little support. One voice created a movement recently. This amazing voice, Lizzi, wrote a post that motivated other bloggers and writers to do more. Her writing inspired the creation of 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion, an effort of bloggers worldwide to talk about the need for compassion, kindness, support, and caring for others.  I'm proud to say that I joined this Read more [...]

Night Owl

I'm a night owl. I never imagined I would give birth to a night owl. For some reason, I believed that all children were morning people and would develop into night owls as they got older. I was wrong. So very wrong.  We had it easy with my oldest child, Ginny. She was always a good sleeper. At night, she'd goes to bed around 7:30 p.m. and sleeps until 6:30. Up until she turned three, she would also take a 2-3 hour nap daily. (Of course, once she had her third birthday, she decided she Read more [...]

Where I Would Shop If I Had $10,000

Contrary to all the stereotypes that exist about women, I do not like shopping, not really. It used to drive my mother nuts when I was a teen. She loved to shop, and I would be itching to leave the store soon after arriving. I'm the type that goes into a store with a purpose and leaves once the purpose is fulfilled. I don't browse or go through sales racks in the hopes of finding a deal. There are a few exceptions to this. I do like grocery shopping. I go down every aisle because I don't want Read more [...]

Skin Experiment: Rodan + Fields Review Part I

I'm one of those people who avoid everyone who sells stuff on Facebook. You know the people I'm talking about? From Thirty-One (or is it Thirty-Two? I'm not sure) to Essential Oils to Norwex to Pampered Chef, I'm not interested. Some of my friends of mine on Facebook seem to be in constant sales pitch mode, too, leading me to skip their status. (I don't blame them; they are trying to earn some money.)  Recently, my sister, Amy, joined this club of women (at least all of my friends selling Read more [...]

Reflect and Write

I feel helpless. I hate that feeling. Since I hurt my foot and broke my toe last week, my mobility has been severely limited. I hate it. The best way for my foot to heal is to rest it. So, I do. And as I do, I look around the house at a million things that need to get done, unable to tackle most of them because I'm on crutches.  My husband, Chris, has been amazing through all of this. He's made every meal. He's done all the laundry. For the first few days, he even got up to dress our Read more [...]

Being an Older Mom

If you asked me what my life plans were when I graduated from high school, I would have been clear: go to college, get a degree, get a job in my field, plus meet someone amazing, marry, and have kids. All before 30, of course.  Well, life didn't turn out as I expected. It took me much longer to find the right man for me, at a time when I accepted that children were likely not in my future.  Life has lots of twists and turns. Some people go the "traditional" path, but still others, Read more [...]