Dusting Off My Shelfies

Last night, the Emmy Awards were held in Los Angeles and aired for the world to see. The Emmy Awards signal the beginning of première week on television. The Emmy's say goodbye to the last season as we welcome in the new one. As a lifelong fan of television, I look forward to September; bringing with it all the new shows I can't wait to see for the first time to all my returning favorites. Of course, with a million channels, I go through the difficult task of narrowing down what it is I will Read more [...]

Who Has Time to Write? (When Buying a House)

Sweep and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors Clean the baseboards. Vacuum. Scrub the bathrooms. Clean the windows. Declutter and rearrange furniture. All of that is why I haven't written anything in the last few weeks. I have a lot to write. A lot going through my head as I tackled each task, but no time to sit and write. I miss writing. I need to write. However, cleaning and prepping my house to sell was more important than writing. The above list was just my list. While I did all Read more [...]

15 Great Back-to-School Movies

As summer tapers off to the beginning of autumn, you know what comes next--the first day school. Scrolling through my Facebook feed lets me know that many children have already returned to their classrooms to learn. Friends and family have taken their daughters and sons off to college to start their adventures away from home.  At my house, we sit and wait. In two weeks, our four-year-old's preschool year will begin. This year she will be attending a new preschool in our small town, instead Read more [...]

One Step at a Time

I used to take walking for granted. That was before I had to learn how to walk again.  When  I went to the University of Kansas as a freshman, I planned to walk to all my classes. And, I did. There were buses I could take to class, if I wished, but I never did. Not once. I spent four years on that campus and walked to each and every class. Not only that, I gave campus tours walking backward through the campus as I shared my love for KU to prospective students and their parents.  At Read more [...]

On the House Hunt

My family has the perfect size house--for a family of three. After having Samantha, we are now a family of five. While I like our house, we have outgrown all 1700 square feet. (Sounds larger than it is. The layout makes it feel small.) Could we manage to live here longer? Yeah, but things are a bit crowded and it is time for us to move to a larger home. And, if you haven't guessed, we aren't part of the tiny house trend.  For the last couple of months, we've been getting our house Read more [...]

Bullseye: Target Gets It Right

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day, I came across a post that stunned me. What? Someone would stop shopping at Target because the signage at Target wouldn't distinguish between girls and boys toys? What statement was being made? I could not comprehend the problem. Of course, I thought this had to be a lone person, a fluke. So, I moseyed over to the Target page and opened the visitor posts. It wasn't a fluke. As I scrolled down, I noticed there were hundreds of Read more [...]

Two Months

Two months fly by quickly when you have a newborn. The first few weeks you are barely awake after waking every two to three hours to nurse your precious baby. Slowly, the baby starts sleeping at longer stretches, if you're lucky, and you start paying more attention to what's going on in the world. In the last two months, I've felt as if I've walked in a fog. The first three weeks I spent nursing Samantha and recovering from my c-section, my third. I dealt with more pain this time around and used Read more [...]

15 Blog Posts I’ll Never Write

I write about a lot of things on this blog. I like variety, what can I say? However, there are a few blog posts I'll never write about. Inspired by the fabulous Alison Lee at Writing, Wishing and as part of the Tuesday Ten, I'm sharing a few titles of posts you won't see on this blog, ever. 12 Fabulous Asparagus Recipes Umm...yuck!! I hate asparagus! Why I Love Running I cannot physically run. However, I do love to walk. 7 Reasons I'm Glad I Married Young If you count Read more [...]

Classic Italian Lasagna

When it comes to food, my family has always known one thing to be true. Denise does not like lasagna. At the tender age of seven, I proved my distaste for this dish by throwing a plateful of lasagna off a balcony. (Unfortunately, it landed on our car so I was found out.) This fact held true for 37 years. Then, I attended a party held in my honor. An out-of-the-loop family member served lasagna. Being polite, I ate that lasagna. The first bite left me confused. I liked it. How could I possibly Read more [...]

Fashion Trends From the 80s I Loved (and Hated)

Born in the early 70s, I spent my most formative years in the 1980s. While that was also my tortured teen years, the 80s were great! I loved the cheesy movies and the music. In August 1981, I was glued to the television as MTV premiered. And back then, all they did was play music videos. I couldn't get enough. In part because of MTV, we got to experience every trend going on in the world just by watching our favorite videos. From the side pony tail to jelly shoes to parachute pants, they were Read more [...]