This & That

We are dealing with a nasty chest cold in my house. It started with my three-year-old, Ginny. She kept us up one night, a week and a half ago, coughing. My husband and I had problems sleeping because we worried that she would stop breathing. The next morning, we called the doctor's office to see if there was medicine we could give her. (Naturally, all children's cough medicines say not to give to a child age 4 or younger.) The doctor's nurse called us back and told us what we could use. Relief! From Read more [...]

Our Loss

This past April, my husband, Chris, and I were thrilled to learn we were expecting our third child. We were naturally ambivalent because of three losses in the past, but figured with two healthy children, odds were good that the baby would be healthy. At eight weeks pregnant, we went in for our first doctor appointment and ultrasound. I lay there nervous as the transvaginal ultrasound was performed. Once I heard the heartbeat, relief washed over me. Our baby was healthy and had a strong heartbeat Read more [...]

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

I have a problem. I'm 40-something and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. Honestly. At one time, I thought I knew what I wanted to do. I loved photography and writing. I was going to be a fabulous photojournalist. That lasted until my sophomore year at KU. After taking a media class, I realized that I loved the idea of broadcast journalism. At a certain point in my major classes, I had an epiphany. I didn't have a "nose for news." I did love the production side of broadcasting, Read more [...]

Pizza Pasta in the Slow Cooker

Feeding my preschooler, Ginny, is a challenge on a good day. She is very picky and more than willing to go hungry if we don't feed her what she wants for dinner. I'm also willing to let her go hungry because I'm not a short-order cook. Thank you very much! What drives me nuts is that one day she'll eat chicken strips or nuggets and love them. A few days later, she will say, "I don't like chicken, Mommy." I'll remind her that she liked it the other day, but there is no convincing her. She'll Read more [...]

My Messy House

Since I've had kids, my house has turned into a walking disaster area. And, I hate it! Absolutely, positively, hate it! Now, you might be thinking to yourself, "Oh, she sounds like a neat freak." Here's the thing. I'm not. I have never been a neat freak; a fact that brings a PTSD reaction from my parents when they think about my room as a teenager.  I have had moments where I have been good about keeping things cleaned and, for the most part, picked up. If I lived in a situation where I knew Read more [...]

Sweet Saturday: Apple Dumplings

Ahhh...Fall! Finally, after a last-ditch effort from summer to make us all miserable in the heat and humidity, fall has arrived. The temperatures have dropped, bringing cool brisk mornings and pleasant afternoons. How I love autumn!  I love autumn the most of all the seasons for many reasons: leaves changing colors, great holidays, my birthday, and the cooler, more comfortable temps. Another reason to love this fabulous season is all the wonderful fall produce being harvested. Pumpkins are Read more [...]

Tour of Blogland

Welcome to Blogland! What is that, you ask? Well, it is the land where all bloggers live. Well...not quite! (Wouldn't that be awesome though?) For a little while now, bloggers have opened up their homes (literally) sharing a bit about themselves and their writing process through the Tour of Blogland. It gives you, the reader, a chance to get to know us better and find out why we do what we do. My invitation to this tour was extended by my friend Jill at Ripped Jeans & Bifocals. Jill Read more [...]

Charlie Brown

My girls love Charlie Brown. They take after their dad who relates so much to the bald-headed boy. Chris's love of all things Peanuts™ includes a collection of Charlie Brown and Snoopy movies that our girls enjoy watching almost  as much as him. Grace, in particular, can't wait until we put in a Charlie Brown movie. She will hand us the remote saying, "Brown. Brown." If we turn off the T.V., can see right here her response. Poor Grace! We didn't turn it back on, Read more [...]

7 Things No One Told You About Having Kids

When I imagined becoming a mom, I knew it wouldn't be all cuddles and kisses. I knew it would come with lots of diaper changes, messes, dreaded potty-training, and temper tantrums.  When I was pregnant, I heard over and over from friends and family we wouldn't sleep again for at least for 18 years once the baby arrived. We also learned that my personal hygiene would get neglected (it did) and that we would become obsessed with our new baby's bowel movements. Magazine articles and blog Read more [...]

‘Cause I Can

For several days now, I've been managing two blogs: mine and my parent's new blog, 'Cause We Can. As you might have noticed, my blog posts have not suffered (or diminished in any way) even though I'm putting up posts daily on my parent's blog. It does take time, but my priority is this blog!  The reason my parents have a blog was due to my urging. My parents love to travel and do so often. Every time they take a trip, my dad sends out emails to family members detailing their travel adventures. Read more [...]