The Magic Kingdom

When my husband, Chris, and I told my parents we would visit them in February, we discouraged them from making plans to visit Disney World. It isn't that we don't like "the happiest place on Earth." (Well, my husband isn't a fan but he doesn't like any theme park because he hates crowds.) I just feared that we would be limited due to my pregnancy. After I did some research and found that my pregnancy would not limit me at the Magic Kingdom, we gave our consent to make plans for a trip to Disney Read more [...]

A Family Vacation to Florida

Each and every calendar year, my husband and I decide when will we load up our minivan with our girls to visit my family, namely my parents and sister's family, in Florida. The drive takes us two days and around 1,000 miles, otherwise, we might visit more often. Since it is a long drive, we try to find a week to 10 days that fit perfectly with our schedule for the trip.  Unfortunately, last year, we did not make our annual family vacation to Florida. We didn't for a couple of reasons; Read more [...]

Whatever Happened to Compassion?

Every day on the internet, people share what is going on in their life or opinion on some topic. Some of these posts result in respectful dialogue, but more and more often I witness people inserting their own judgments, arguing with the original poster, or complaining about the post or poster. And it isn't just the trolls that I've seen do this. Trolls do seem to exist everywhere; trolls whose goal in life is to make others as unhappy as they are. Sometimes, though, it is our own friends Read more [...]

Nothing Says Romance Like 11 Hours in a Minivan

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, or so I've heard. I love Valentine's Day. I'm cheesy like that, and I never curse the holiday (well, since I met my husband). While my husband, Chris, and I try to show romance with each other every day, we both enjoy giving each other extra attention every February 14th. That said, our Valentine's Day this year did not go as it normally does. Soon after Chris woke from his last overnight shift on Friday, we piled everyone into our minivan to head south to visit Read more [...]

30 Days Later: Rodan + Fields Review Part II

I'm an optimist, realist, and a skeptic. Whenever I see people claiming that a product can do miracles, I tend not to believe them. Why? If it sounds too good to be true, it often is. When my sister, Amy, asked me to do a review of Rodan + Fields skin care line, I was hesitant (as I mentioned in Part I). I made sure to tell her I would be honest with my opinions. She said she knew that and understood. Here I am 30 days later with some results. I undertook this skin care experiment to see if Read more [...]

12 Wonderful Romantic Movies

For years, I dreaded Valentine's Day. I wanted to hate it. After all, I was single and alone. no one sent me flowers, bought me chocolates, or mailed me a card. I would recall the last time I had a Valentine date and cringe that at the fact that no one wanted to be my Valentine since my senior year of high school.  Despite feeling lonely on this holiday for over 18 years, I held hope that it would be more someday. Someday happened after I met my husband, Chris. (Granted, our first Valentine's Read more [...]

The Compassion of Nurses

As I lay in my hospital bed, the nurse came into my room looking unhappy. It was late at night, and I needed help. I don't recall what for, but the nurse was there to help me. Only recently, I had been moved to this room on the 8th floor of Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, the orthopaedic floor. Before that I had resided in ICU on the 4th floor for several weeks.  The nurse, a few years older than me with tanned skin and brown hair pulled back into a braid, started mumbling to herself, Read more [...]

Quick & Easy Stromboli

When I was single, I loved finding recipes that were not only quick and easy but also resulted in left overs. I tended to make one main dish on Sunday and ate the leftovers until they ran out. Then, I might make a small dish or two until Sunday arrived again. One dish I discovered during my single years was a quick and easy stromboli. It took me less than 30 minutes to make and left me with another meal the next night. What could be better than that? Now that I'm married with two girls (and Read more [...]

10 Book Series That Have Me Hooked

The moment I discovered reading, I fell in love. For a long time, I explored different authors and tried new books. Then, I discovered there were some authors I loved more than others (my first beloved author being Judy Blume) and found series I enjoyed, like C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia. Once I realized there were whole book series, my reading could not be stopped. (Well, not true...I did stop for almost two years as I waded through psychology journals during graduate school. Who had time to Read more [...]

Night Terrors, Snow, and a Mole

Being a parent means variation in your day, every single day. It may feel the same at times: same fights, same whines, same laughs, same messes. It isn't though. There is always something new. In the last 24 hours, my life at home got a bit interesting with night terrors, snow, and a mole. Quite the combination, right?  The first time Ginny had a nightmare she was around a year old. At least, we thought it was a nightmare. Over the last two and half years, she's had these nightmares Read more [...]