11 Reasons Why Buyers on House Hunters Drive Me Nuts

One show I love to watch is House Hunters. I'm not sure why I enjoy watching people searching for a new home. It could be my nosy-nature, wanting to see what other people have (and can afford). The other part is wanting to see what I like and don't like in homes. Just watching the show clarifies what I want in our next home. Since we plan to buy a new home this fall, I find myself watching House Hunters a lot! Lucky for me, I can watch the show on Netflix. How handy is that? The Read more [...]

Ordinary on the Outside: Three Sisters

My house doesn't look special on the outside. It looks like your typical suburban ranch home. Once you walk inside our house, you realize it is filled with children. At the entry way sits a doll nursery set (purple, of course) as well as a child-size rocking chair. A few steps further, you will see the living room furniture as well as a child table and chair set in the corner. If you happen into our home before lunch, you will also likely see a fort built of multiple pillows and blankets (pink, Read more [...]

Life Without Kids

To kick off my summer guest blogging series, Life Without Kids, I thought I would start with this post from blogger Honor Wiltshire. Honor is a new blogger, and I'm thrilled that she decided to share this post! Please show her some love!   I am Honor Wiltshire, and I have recently started writing and blogging as “The Bajan Vegan.” I am an older first (& only)-time mum from Barbados. Apart from being a mum, I enjoy Bonsai, yoga, reading, astronomy and am on Read more [...]

When Your Baby Turns Yellow (Jaundice)

Giving birth is not easy. It doesn't matter if you give birth vaginally (something I'm physically unable to do) or by c-section. Bringing a baby into the world is not an easy process.  Recently, I shared the birth story of my daughter Samantha. My story was far from complete. So, today, I thought I'd share a few details I may have failed to mention before. Samantha was to be delivered via scheduled c-section on the 9th. She decided she wanted to come early and put me in early labor starting Read more [...]

An Early Labor

Seeing pink and light red on toilet paper, I felt concerned, but not overly worried. At 9 months pregnant, I knew it could be a sign that my mucus plug came out. I'd never experienced that before so I wasn't sure. So, last Tuesday morning, I called my doctor's office to reassure myself. Once I got through to Lori, one of my doctor's nurses, I felt relief. It was what I thought. No worries. After I got off the phone, I began to wonder if I might start labor soon. Part of me welcomed it, but another Read more [...]

Involving Children in Household Chores

  For the summer months, I plan on spotlighting guest bloggers with the topic Life Without Kids. While this post does not fit that theme, I thought it was a good one to share. It's a great post about how to involve our children in household chores.  Kathleen Crane's day job is a cleaner at CleanersLondon Camden Town and when she gets back home the last thing she would like to do is cleaning again. That's why she relies on her family to help with the chores. It is hard Read more [...]


Most pregnant women, at some point during their pregnancy, nest in preparation for their newborn babies. Almost all the women I've known during pregnancy have nested from my sister to friends. One woman I do know says she never had the urge. I'm a bit jealous. I nested with Ginny and Grace. With Ginny, I needed to get her nursery together and had an overwhelming urge to bleach the garage floor. When my mother heard (and possibly saw...I vaguely recollect my parents being at our home) this, she Read more [...]

The Miracle of Birth

As a young child, I thought birth having a baby was a simple and natural thing that just happened. In my mind, if you wanted a baby, then you just had one. Period.  The ignorance of youth is a blessing and a curse. You believe all is possible at all times, but as you grow older you realize there are certain realities no one told you about or that you didn't notice. As I grew up, I learned that having a baby, especially a healthy baby, is a miracle. It isn't merely a biological fact as I once Read more [...]

Summer To-Do List

Summer is almost here! Normally, I dread summer. It is my least favorite season, mainly because I get hot easily and hate heat. (How I survived living in Florida for seven years straight is beyond me.) However, this year, with our baby girl, Sweet Pea, due in early June, I'm looking forward to the start of summer.  One trend I see a lot on Pinterest is the seasonal bucket list. I don't really understand this urge to make a bucket list for every season. Are there things I typically want Read more [...]

Because I Said So

When it comes to parenting, I tend to shy away from saying, "I'll never...," mainly because I hate eating crow. I focus more on what I want to do than what I refuse to do. There are a few things I'm pretty set on not doing, such as putting a TV in my girls' room before they're teenagers, but I try not to use the words "I'll never." I guess that attitude comes from experience and age. Being an older mom who used to teach first grade, I know situations arise that you don't expect and your never suddenly Read more [...]