Because I Said So

When it comes to parenting, I tend to shy away from saying, "I'll never...," mainly because I hate eating crow. I focus more on what I want to do than what I refuse to do. There are a few things I'm pretty set on not doing, such as putting a TV in my girls' room before they're teenagers, but I try not to use the words "I'll never." I guess that attitude comes from experience and age. Being an older mom who used to teach first grade, I know situations arise that you don't expect and your never suddenly Read more [...]

8 Fabulous TV Moms

A week ago Sunday was Mother's Day! Some people love the "holiday," others, not so much. We all have our reasons for being happy to see the second Sunday in May or want to hide from it. I'm in the former camp.  While not all of us had the perfect mom (and really, who did?), most of us have women (or, in some cases, men) in our lives that serve as mother figures to us in some way. One place everyone can turn to see motherhood in action is television. While it isn't real, we can enjoy the moms Read more [...]

Why I Love Being a Mom

From the time I was a little girl, I have always wanted to be a mom. Perhaps it was due to wanting to be like my mom or it could have been my calling. I'm not sure. Then a funny thing happened, life didn't turn out as I planned and hoped. By the age of 34, on the day my niece was born, I cried tears of mourning and grief. Not only had I not met the right man to marry, but I hadn't been on a date in years. My hopes for ever being a mom ended. The odds were against me. I wouldn't have what Read more [...]

I’m an Instagram Addict

I love photos and photography. I always have. One day I hope to have a DSLR camera so I can really play with photography and have fun with it. I still own my manual 35-mm camera but since taking film photos means developing film (an expensive prospect any more), I usually use my four-year-old point-and-click digital camera that seems to be on its last days (many functions and options don't work any more).  All that said, I think I take more pictures on my phone. Why? Instagram, of course!! Read more [...]

6 Inevitable Truths in Blogging

For over five years now, I've been blogging. What started as a way to just write and share my thoughts has turned into so much more. Almost two years ago, I decided to take my blogging in a new, more serious way.  When I started blogging, I had no idea that people blogged in the hopes of gaining a larger audience or as a way to showcase their writing. I was a bit na├»ve. Now I know there is a world of great writers expressing themselves through blogs. Once I realized that world of bloggers Read more [...]

“Why Do You Have a Big Belly?”

"Why do you have a big belly?" my four-your-old, Ginny, asked my friend. Oh boy. It happened. I hoped none of my girls would ever say anything like that, but being children they say what they think. And, Ginny asked the question out of genuine curiosity.  My friend replied to her, "I love food." A great answer, but I wanted to let Ginny know it wasn't appropriate to ask people about the size of their bellies. Heck, the size of anything on their bodies. Immediately, I started to Read more [...]

Easy DIY Hair Bow Holders

I've never done this before. I've never crafted something and shared it on my blog. There is a first time for everything and this is it!  With two little girls, we have lots of hair supplies, from hair ties to hair bows. I've tried using small bags for all of it, but it makes it hard for me to see what bows we have. I needed a solution. One day, probably a couple of years ago, I saw a neat idea as I scrolled through Pinterest. It was a picture of a letter with bows attached by ribbon. I didn't Read more [...]

The Garage Sale That Wasn’t

On Monday as I drove back into my small town after running a quick errand with my girls, I saw that our community sign had a new notice on it, "Village Garage Sale, Fri-Sat." "Crap," I said.  "What's wrong, Mommy?" my four-year-old daughter, Ginny, chimed from the back.  "Oh, nothing. Just last-minute news that your Mommy has a lot to get done this week." Once home and after I sent my girls for some quiet time in their room, I got busy planning. I knew we would have a community-wide Read more [...]

An Almost Adventure to Africa

I had a plan. Now, I just needed to implement it. Never mind that I was only eight years old and this plan was a hard one to carry out even for an adult, much less a child; I would reach my goal. Soon, I would run away to Africa.  I'm not sure what prompted my wish to run away. It's possible that I got scolded and grounded, leaving me lots of time to think in my room. Think and plan. And, that is what I did. I pulled out my globe and looked at it. My dad, a sergeant in the Air Force, was Read more [...]

10 Things I Love About My Husband

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. ~~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning For over 30 years, I was a single, independent woman. I did (almost) everything on my own. After all, I had to depend on myself and no one else. Sure, I could ask a friend or family member for help, but learned how to live and survive on my own. Not only did I live this way, I loved being independent and capable. Then, I met my husband, Chris. He loved me as I was including my fierce independent nature. It's never bothered Read more [...]