Christmas Movies + Netflix Giveaway

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam which means that they pay for the streaming service in exchange for me posting once a month about the service. All opinions are my own.  Years ago, a few years before I met my husband Chris, I stopped watching animated movies. It wasn't because I didn't like them. I did. After all, I went to the theater and watched The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, and Shrek. I stopped going to see animated movies because Read more [...]

This House Needs a Mouse: Children’s Book Review

My husband, Chris, and I started reading to our oldest, Ginny, when she was a baby. We got a slower start with Grace around 9-10 months old, which my husband feels guilty over to this day. No matter when we began our ritual of reading to our girls, our girls love to read.  We have tons of books in our home. Books that they "read" on their own; books they bring to us to read to them; and books they sleep with. Yes, my girls even sleep with their books. They love books that much! Recently, Read more [...]

30 Days of Writing

November has 30 days. It has meant 30 days of writing for me as I took on the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) challenge, again. And, since today is the 30th, it is my last day of blogging daily until November next year. Now, I will take time and reflect on the past month. Did I learn anything? Was the challenge worth it? For now, I can say that I'm proud that I never missed a day. I wrote 30 posts in 30 days. What I'm most amazed at is how easy it felt to do it this year. Other than wanting Read more [...]

Sweet Saturday: Grandma’s Pecan Pie

Growing up, I always looked forward to Thanksgiving for one main reason, eating my Grandma Scott's pecan pie! We only had the pie once a year back then, at Christmas time. I remember joking with my parents as we "fought" over the last piece of pie. Dad would then say, "You know, I made a big mistake. I convinced you to try the pie in the first place." I guess you can say it was love at first bite. To this day, I still love the pie, but I bake it instead of my grandma who passed away in 2001. I've Read more [...]

2014 Gift Guide for Little Ones

I'm eagerly anticipating this coming Christmas! My oldest, Ginny, finally understands Christmas, Santa, Jesus's birthday, and presents. Of course, like most kids, she's most excited about Santa and the presents she might receive. When a toy commercial comes on TV, she will declare, "I want that! I need to ask Santa!" Recently, she and I made a trip to Toys R Us. She loved nearly everything she saw saying, "I want that and that and that," as we walked through the aisles. After getting a couple Read more [...]

This Thanksgiving: Thankful

This Thanksgiving doesn't feel very special this year. It feels like a typical Thursday to me. I'm trying to make it more, but I'm struggling to do so.  Not only does my husband have to work today--because the weather never sleeps--but I'm dealing with morning sickness. The morning sickness and pregnancy fatigue helped us (Chris and me) decide not to cook turkey today. And, now, I feel sad that we decided not to do it. At the time, it made perfect sense. After all, just under two weeks ago, Read more [...]

6 Real-Life Tips on Surviving Potty Training

Over a year ago, I decided to try to potty train, Ginny, who was just over two-years-old then. I looked for signs of readiness, and, admittedly, didn't see any. Despite that, I decided to try anyway. I wasn't successful. At all.  I had hoped that by using cloth diapers, she would be more than ready to use a potty.  I was wrong! Ginny is a stubborn child who prefers to do things in her own way, at her own time. She decided on her third birthday (literally) to start peeing on Read more [...]

18 Incredible Thanksgiving Recipes

I love Thanksgiving! I think it is all the fabulous foods that makes the day one of my favorite holidays. This year, we won't be doing a traditional Thanksgiving. With my husband working that day and my morning sickness, we decided it might be a better idea for me to cook something simple. Besides, we just celebrated an early Thanksgiving with his family a week ago. Instead, I'll be making my Slow Cooker Braised Beef Bits and mashed potatoes, along with some bread and a vegetable.  Whether Read more [...]


Every time I've been pregnant, I've had cravings and aversions. Cravings and aversions are a normal part of pregnancy for most women (although not all). With Ginny, I couldn't get enough of watermelon, Buffalo wings, and Pasta House salads. What I hated eating was hamburgers and sweet pickles (the only type of pickles I like). I didn't want them at all. Then, when I was pregnant with Grace, I had no issue with hamburgers, but couldn't stand a dish I normally love, my husband's Mexican Stuffed Read more [...]