The Garage Sale That Wasn’t

On Monday as I drove back into my small town after running a quick errand with my girls, I saw that our community sign had a new notice on it, "Village Garage Sale, Fri-Sat." "Crap," I said.  "What's wrong, Mommy?" my four-year-old daughter, Ginny, chimed from the back.  "Oh, nothing. Just last-minute news that your Mommy has a lot to get done this week." Once home and after I sent my girls for some quiet time in their room, I got busy planning. I knew we would have a community-wide Read more [...]

An Almost Adventure to Africa

I had a plan. Now, I just needed to implement it. Never mind that I was only eight years old and this plan was a hard one to carry out even for an adult, much less a child; I would reach my goal. Soon, I would run away to Africa.  I'm not sure what prompted my wish to run away. It's possible that I got scolded and grounded, leaving me lots of time to think in my room. Think and plan. And, that is what I did. I pulled out my globe and looked at it. My dad, a sergeant in the Air Force, was Read more [...]

10 Things I Love About My Husband

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. ~~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning For over 30 years, I was a single, independent woman. I did (almost) everything on my own. After all, I had to depend on myself and no one else. Sure, I could ask a friend or family member for help, but learned how to live and survive on my own. Not only did I live this way, I loved being independent and capable. Then, I met my husband, Chris. He loved me as I was including my fierce independent nature. It's never bothered Read more [...]

A Simple Small Birthday Party

I have nightmares when it comes to hosting parties. I fear that no one will show up. The only party I held with confidence was my wedding.  Where does this fear come from? Experience. Simple as that. As a small child, I had no issues with friends coming to my parties. I didn't have big parties, as a rule, and usually could count on the one or two friends to help me celebrate my birthday. But, as I got older, my confidence waned. I was not popular in high school, although I was known. For Read more [...]

What NOT to Say to Pregnant Moms

Being pregnant seems to invite conversation from random strangers to yourself. While there are plenty of polite people who know how to engage in conversation without offending someone, there are a few people who are clueless, particularly when they notice that a woman is pregnant. And, unfortunately, sometimes these are people you know, like friends and family.  So, for greater awareness, I thought I would give some tips on what not to say to pregnant moms and what you might Read more [...]

10 Incredibly Random Facts About Me

In the last month or so, a lot has changed for me and my writing. I've been added as a contributor to three amazing websites, What the Flicka!, The Huffington Post, and Midlife Boulevard. I'm still in awe at the opportunities I now have to reach new audiences with my writing.  Since I also have a few new readers (welcome!), I thought I would take this time to share 10 incredibly random facts about me.  1. My nickname is Dee. I got the nickname in an honest Read more [...]

Terrifying Threes Coming to an End

As hard as it is for me to believe, my daughter Ginny turns 4 on Tuesday. I can't be more thrilled. I expect her to wake up that morning and no longer act like a threenager! You hear about the terrible twos, but trust me when I say they don't compare to the terrifying threes....the threenager year.  While I love my little girl oodles and enjoyed watching her grow up this past year, I'm done with three. Well, at least until Grace turns three in November. At least I'll have a brief reprieve.  At Read more [...]

Most Likely to Get Married and Move to Illinois

Dating for me was never easy. Heck, it was practically non-existent for several years. Not easy would have been preferable to nothing.  It wasn't that I didn't try to meet men. I did, but with no success. The fact that I'm an introvert combined with my career field (education) limited my opportunities. I hoped to stumble into a fabulous man at the grocery store. That never happened. In July 2007, I traveled to southern California with a teacher friend, Meyin, who would be getting Read more [...]

What’s in My Freezer? #TuesdayTen

Soon after my husband and I got married, my parents gave us an amazing and generous wedding gift. In fact, part of me wanted to not accept it because it seemed like too much. However, we didn't do that and accepted their gift, a stand-alone freezer. I'm glad we did.  Having an extra freezer makes life easier. In addition to the typical frozen items people keep in their freezers, we can stock up on meat sales, save lots of left overs for my husband's lunches or even another meal for my family. Read more [...]

I’m Done

Being pregnant comes with my many joys, one of which is feeling your little angel move. My baby, Sweet Pea, is an active baby who moves a lot, most days. Some days I can just watch her movements by staring at my belly. Other days, I just feel constant kicks. Then there are times like yesterday when it feels like she's tap dancing on my cervix, a less than pleasant feeling. But just the feeling of movement reassures me that she's okay.  This is my seventh pregnancy, but only my third to make Read more [...]