10 Blogs I Love

Not only do I enjoy blogging, there are many blogs I love to read. Many of the people I follow on Twitter are bloggers. I will see that they recently published a new post and will favorite it to read later. On Facebook, I follow hundreds of bloggers and will read what they write as well. Who needs a magazine when there is a world full of interesting bloggers to read, covering multiple topics from home decor to parenting to food?

10 Blogs I Love

When I learned that this week’s Tuesday Ten was listing 10 blogs I read, I found myself a bit stumped. Who would I mention? I follow far more than 10 in a given week and sometimes less because I might be focused on just one or two for a week. While some blogs immediately came to mind, I had to look at who I follow on Twitter and at my Facebook likes to come up with a good list. It isn’t that I don’t know the bloggers, but I read so much and I am over 40 so coming up with 10 bloggers off the top of my head was difficult. 

After sorting through all the blogs I regularly read, I was eventually able to narrow my list. It wasn’t easy, and in many ways I feel bad for not featuring other amazing blogs out there (you can always go to my Sunday Summaries where I feature great blog posts for more). Anyhow, the blogs I will share with you encompass some extremely popular blogs to others that are not as well-known. I hope you visit a couple. You won’t be disappointed.

Long-Time Favorites

1. Herding Cats: A peek into the life of Pheobe Holmes, her husband, and her four children, one with special needs. When I started reading her, they lived in Ireland but in the last year moved back to the U.S. Entertaining, funny at times, and always inspiring!

2. Marinka NYC: This blog was one of the first I ever followed. Marinka is a mom in NYC raising her two children. She is funny and thoughtful. You might know her as one of the Mouthy Housewives

3. A Boy, A Girl, and the Marine Corp: This blog follows a 20-something wife of a Marine and the challenges she faces. She is snarky, funny, and always honest. 

Funny, Funny, Funny

4. The Bloggess: Probably one of the most well-known bloggers out there! I discovered her when her post about Beyonce, the metal chicken went viral nearly 3 years ago. 

5. Martinis and Minivans: Hysterically funny, Danielle is a New Yorker now living in the Midwest. She writes about her life as a mom in a funny and, often, sarcastic way.

6. Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine: Dani, a stay at home mom, finds the humor in most situations and has me laughing 9 times out of 10 (every once in a while she does a more serious post).

Food Blogs

7. Heather Likes Food: Heather makes amazing food. I think most of the recipes I’ve pinned have come from her blog or from….

8. Plain Chicken: Another fabulous food blog with a lot of followers. 

Recent Discoveries

9. My Life Suckers: I found Deva through her viral video, “What Does the Kid Say,” and I’ve been a fan ever since! She writes about her life as a mom. Her posts are funny and thoughtful.

10. Blessed by Brenna: Courtney, a mom in my MOMS Club, has two wonderful children, Connor and Brenna. Brenna was born with a skin condition making life a challenge for her. Courtney shares Brenna’s beautiful spirit and their day-to-day life with her blog. 



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