Holiday Gift Guide for Him

11 Amazing Gifts for Him

Every Christmas, I have struggled with shopping for the men in my life, whether it was a friend, my dad, or my husband. I find it a lot harder to shop for men than women. Why is that? Who knows. After much searching and attempts at avoiding the stereotypical (which I was unable to do), I found several great gift possibilities for men. 

Holiday Gift Guide  for Him

1. Doctor Who Tardis Keychain/Flashlight ($16.95) Clever gift shaped like Tardis from Doctor Who with a button that turns on a blue flashlight.

Holiday Gift Guide  for Him


2. Star Trek Insignia iPad Switch Case ($39.50) This case will help the man feel like he is on the U.S.S. Enterprise as he uses his iPad. (There are also iPhone and iPod cases available.)

Holiday Gift Guide  for Him3. 2014 Duck Dynasty Box Daily Calendar ($14.99) This calendar is filled with interesting facts about the Robertson family as well as some words of wisdom.

Holiday Gift Guide  for Him


4. Carnivore by Michael Symon ($35.00) This cookbook is perfect for the meat lover and cook in your life. 

Holiday Gift Guide  for Him

5. Chef’s Fork with Rapid-Read Thermometer ($19.99) Do you have a man in your life who grills? This multipurpose fork works fantastic. 

Holiday Gift Guide  for Him


6. Golfer’s BBQ Set ($28.00) When I saw this, I feel in love. I’m not a fan of golf, but have known many men who were who also loved to grill. How perfect!

Holiday Gift Guide  for Him

7. Balls of Steel  ($24.99) These little balls are fabulous drink coolers for a mixed drink, wine, or even a soda. Unlike ice, they don’t melt. What makes these particular drink coolers special is they help support testicular cancer research! 15% of each purposes goes to funding research. I love the idea of giving a gift that gives back!

Holiday Gift Guide  for Him


8. 5-Piece Beer Sampler Set ($29.95) Have a beer lover in your life? Or a home brewer? Then this gift would probably be a hit with him.

Holiday Gift Guide  for Him

9. Baseball Game ($48.00) This board game is a unique way to play baseball inside with dice. Fun for him and fun for the whole family.

Holiday Gift Guide  for Him

10. Math Formulas Tie ($45.00) Ties seem to be a standard gift for men. Typical, right? This tie is a bit unique though as it is filled with math formulas. This store also has a tie with baseball stadiums. 

Holiday Gift Guide  for Him

11. Personalized Wood Baseball Card Holder ($20.00) These business card holders would make a nice gift for the professional in your life. Beautiful, classy, and professional. 

For more gift guides, check out my gift guide for her that I posted last week. You can also visit A Boy, A Girl, and the Marine Corps where I guest blogged with my ultimate gift guide.

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5 thoughts on “11 Amazing Gifts for Him

  1. Lisa Forever Five Blog

    I have to say, Denise, I am really impressed. When I first read your title, I couldn’t see how you wouldn’t completely bomb in this post. Listing MULTIPLE gifts that most men would enjoy just seems like you are reaching for the impossible; but, you proved me wrong. I am popping over to get my own balls of steel right now. No joke.

    1. Post author

      ROFLMAO!!!! You seriously made me roar with laughter causing my in-laws to look at me sideways. (I do that normally, but hey…) Yeah, finding multiple items for men is the hardest. But it is possible with lots of digging. Glad you found something you liked, Lisa. :)

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