Five Years

How do five years fly by quickly?

Five Years
July 4, 2009

When you have a partner in life who loves you completely, that you love as much in return.

When you have someone beside you giving you support when the rough times happen.

Five Years
Our honeymoon in Montreal, July 2009.

When your marriage gets stronger after losing four babies because you lean on each other.

When you find great joy in just the quiet moments with each other.

When holding each other is the best way to end a day.

When you go on adventures with each other and love exploring together.

When you have two children who make life even more interesting.

When you feel able to be yourself completely without judgement from the other person.

When you are there to remind each other of important (and not so important) events and things that need to be done.

Five Years
Fall 2011

When you care enough to ask about the other person’s family and worry about that family as if it was your own.

When you plan for the future together.

When you know how to make the other laugh with only a look.

When you know the other needs a hug just by the expression in their eyes.

When you make a dinner for your spouse that you can’t stand because you know they love it.

When you encourage them to go out and try new things or meet new people, despite not wanting to do that yourself.

When you try new things because your spouse wants to try it.

Five Years
Summer 2012 with our good friend Dawn

When you tell the other to sleep because they need it and you take care of the kids or change the diaper in the middle of the night.

When you start and end every day with an “I love you” full of sincerity.

When you start and end every day with a kiss showing the other you love them.

When you go to Mass and pray for each other and your marriage.

Five Years
Summer 2013

When you listen to the other rant and rave about a political issue you disagree with, but never say a word.

When you worry about the other because they have a bad headache and it reminds you of that one time when a bad headache was more than a headache.

When you worry about the other as he drives to work in a snow storm until you hear that he arrived safely. 

When you can’t wait until you get some private time with each other, without the kids!

When you convince yourselves that the fireworks put on every 4th of July are in celebration of your anniversary! 

When you can’t imagine a life without this wonderful and amazing friend.

When you look forward to another five years, 10 years, 45 years and more!

Five years ago today, I married my best friend in the world. I can’t imagine my life without him. I feel blessed that God brought him into life! God is good!

Five YearsHappy Anniversary, Chris! I love you!


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