5 Things That Make Toddlers Fabulous (And Drive Us Nuts)

This post is a bit of a “Flashback Friday” as it was originally done as a guest post for Epic Mommy Adventures! I enjoyed writing this post and wanted to make sure all saw it who might have missed it! 🙂

Living with a toddler is often like being on a roller coaster. You are never quite sure what you will get from moment to moment. If your toddler is two, like mine is, you will likely deal with the occasional tantrum or meltdown. Life with a toddler can be interesting. My toddler, Ginny, is two-years-old, but seems to think she is 16, capable of taking care of herself without any help. I love her independent spirit, but sometimes wonder if I will survive this stage. What scares me more is I keep hearing that three is even worse! How is that possible?

In the past couple of years, I have discovered a few things about toddlers that are at the same time fabulous and frustrating.

5 Things That Make Toddlers FabulousGo, Go, Go! The Energizer Toddler

My toddler has lots of energy about 90% of the time. I wonder whatever happened to my energy levels. Why did they diminish? Toddlers often go until they are forced to stop, whether it be because we as parents stop them or they poop out and sleep. I love my daughter’s ability to act like the Energizer Bunny, but in the morning, before I’ve had caffeine, I’m not ready for it. I just want to yell stop until I can keep up.

Mommy’s Little Helper

Toddlers love to help! Ginny loves to do all sorts of things for us. She enjoys helping with laundry, emptying the dishwasher, closing doors, and setting the table. I love seeing my toddler’s desire to assist us. It brings a smile to my face, most of the time. Sometimes a toddler will try to help with something they aren’t ready to do by themselves yet. Not allowing my toddler to help usually means there will be a tantrum. I try to give her a small job, but she often doesn’t want the smaller job. She wants the bigger job, leading to none of us being happy.

Oh, So Brave

I’m a bit of a coward. There are many things I will not try. My toddler, on the other hand, is willing to try most any challenge that comes her way. She will run from the beach to the waves with no fear. A wave knocks her down, and she gets right back up and keeps laughing. All animals are her friends as are all people. She is brave. She doesn’t know that things can go wrong yet. She doesn’t worry about the “what ifs” like I do. Of course, I worry that this bravery will result in Ginny getting hurt. Or that her openness to strangers will open her up to being easily abducted. I just have to believe I will be around to stop all the bad stuff so my daughter can continue to be brave.

Infinite Curiosity

You have to love a toddler’s desire to learn. They want to know about everything around them.  Ginny’s favorite question is “What’s that?” Sometimes she is asking about an object, other times a sound. She wants to know about what is around her. The answers to her question also expand her vocabulary and understanding about sounds. It can also be quite frustrating when she is asking “what’s that?”, and I have no clue what she wants to know. I often resort to the answer, “I don’t know.” Of course, that answer is not acceptable for my toddler and may result in a meltdown.5 Things That Make Toddlers Fabulous

Lots of Love

Hugs, kisses, and snuggles! Who can beat that? Toddler hugs are the best! Usually my toddler is too busy (all that energy) to stop for lots of cuddles, but when she does, my heart sings. Ginny loves everyone! She hugs everyone in our family every day, including our dog. The nice thing about her loving nature is that it is so fabulous that it never drives me nuts!


 What is something that makes your toddler fabulous? Or does he/she just drive you nuts?

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  1. My girl is about to turn 2 and she is driving me crazy. She just cries for no reason (or a least no reason I can decipher). She wants to do everything by herself…cries when she gets frustrated…cries when I try to help….just cries. But, she is fabulous and so smart…learning so much every day. And when she wraps her little arms around my legs and says “I love you, mommy” well, there is nothing better than that!

    1. Sounds like she is trying hard to be independent and she isn’t ready. I know that part can be frustrating. My two-year-old went through that stage! But I know what you mean about the “I Love Yous”, although mine is stingy and has only said it unprompted 3 times in her life. Sigh. 😉

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