9 Months of Joy and Sleep Deprivation

It is hard for me to believe, but my baby turned 9 months old yesterdayIMG_0193. My little Grace is not so little anymore. Granted, she was the size of a 2 month old when she was born. Now she is as large as an average 18-month-old. Completely normal, right? Well, it is in my family at least.

Grace has been both a joy and a pain since her birth. Most of the time with her has been joyous! She has such a sweet disposition and smile. She is hard to resist. She is playful and hardy. She takes the tackles, pushes, and overly exuberant hugs from her sister, Ginny, without much fuss.

My sweet baby is active and curious. She loves playing with all the toys she and her sister share. She really wants to learn how to use the computer, but she has to wait a few more years.

Grace started crawling before Ginny did. Ginny was a roller who didn’t bother crawling until she was 8 months old. Grace has crawled in some fashion since she was 6 months old. Her favorite way to get around quick is the Army crawl. At 8 months, she figured out how to do the regular crawl, but decided it was too slow. Then, a day later, she stood up for the first time.  She is a bit of an overachiever, I suppose.She loves to stand and will even move her feet to get in a better position once there.  I won’t be surprised if Grace decides to start walking in the next month.  Watching her growth and her little personality develop makes me smile daily.


e My girls ready to go on a walk with me!

However, when it comes to sleep, she loves to torture her parents. She is not the sleeper Ginny was (and still is). Unfortunately, she seems to take after me.  She is a bit of a night owl, not interested in an early bedtime. Sometimes she will fall asleep around 7 and sleep until 6 the next day, or later. Most days she would prefer to stay up until at least 9 p.m., 10 if she’s lucky.  Grace is also a bit of a light sleeper. She is able to ignore some sounds easily, like thunder or even the T.V., but if you shut the door, she will wake. If your joints pop as you walk, she will hear it. How can one so little have such selective hearing while sleeping?

The biggest issue we have with sleep is Grace’s inability to sleep in her crib. She didn’t have this issue until after we returned home from our South Dakota vacation in May.  If I do the math correctly, that means she hasn’t slept well in her crib in almost 3 months. We put her in the crib, and she wakes soon after with a tantrum. Did I mention that she has a temper that matches her red hair? She will only sleep 30-60 minutes in the crib before waking. We will put her down again and she will wake again in less than an hour. DH & I tried multiple things, but nothing has really worked. She now sleeps in the bed with me more often than not. My husband will often move to the guest room because he is afraid of rolling on her. When Grace is in the bed, she sleeps well. I just wish she would sleep as well in her crib. We haven’t given up. We keep trying to convince her that her own space is best. She has yet to be convinced. All of this means that I am still not getting any decent sleep since she was born. Someday I will……..maybe. Through it all, though, I wouldn’t trade her for anything.


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  1. I had to laugh at joint pop LOL you are so right, i think they have built in selective hearing LOL One thing that I also noticed was, if I’m too anxious for them to go to sleep, they pick up my anxiety and do not sleep AT ALL. However, when I’m so relaxed and don’t care of they go to sleep right away or not, that’s when they zonk out real fast!

  2. I think that kids go in stages with sleep-at least all mine did. I always loved co-sleeping until my 5 year old decided sleeping sideways while kicking me was the best way to be. lol

    1. LOL! Yeah, I think that would end it for me. If we had a king bed, then co-sleeping wouldn’t be as much of an issue. But our bed is a queen, so my husband is panicked about possibly rolling on Grace.

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