Afternoon Escape

Afternoon Escape

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam which means that they pay for the streaming service in exchange for me posting once a month about the service. All opinions are my own.

After my kids finish eating lunch, I send them off to their room for “quiet” time. My two oldest play quietly and the toddler naps while I get at least an hour or two of peace. At least, that’s the idea. More times than not, this seems to work. 

In the past, I would use this time to pick up the house, clean, or work on laundry without interruption. Recently, I discovered a way to enjoy this short oasis of time.

On Christmas Eve, I was diagnosed with pneumonia. It hit me hard, and I still haven’t recovered fully, three months later. It seems the pneumonia triggered my asthma. Due to issues with breathing, I don’t clean as much or run around the house. I find myself sitting on my couch more often than I’d like.

It has been during this forced “time out” that I discovered my afternoon escape. While I send my girls to their rooms, I sit on the couch, turn on the television, and head to Netflix where I stream shows. 

In the last three months, I’ve watched The Colony, Travelers, a couple of comedy specials, a handful of episodes from iZombie, The Walking Dead, and Longmire, and all four seasons of The Blacklist. I started watching Supernatural a few days ago. Because I don’t want my children walking in on adult situations (like in Luke Cage or Santa Clarita Diet and even The Walking Dead), I try to pick shows that won’t result in a ton of questions if my girls stumble out of their room early.

Honestly, I wish I had figured out that I could “escape” years ago. I look forward to my Netflix time every day now. 

What do you do to “Escape” during your day?

Afternoon Escape



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