Alive and Kicking, I Think

For the last month, the stomach flu has been cycling through my family. It has hit each member of my family, even my youngest on two occasions. My husband was the latest and, hopefully, last “victim” of this dreaded virus just a couple of days ago.

Needless to say, we are done with being sick. We want this awful illness gone once and for all. Today, we went a little bit crazy with Clorox wipes, bleach, and Lysol in order to make sure the virus doesn’t come back.

I’m not convinced that will do it. I’m waiting for my turn again. After all, I was baptized into being a mom fully this past month when my youngest vomited on me, not once, but, at least 5 times (3 times just a week ago). What amazed me most was how matter-of-fact I was about the whole thing. I didn’t panic or get grossed out. I just did what needed to be done when my girls were ill.

Alive and Kicking, I Think
Grace started this stomach flu virus crap in our home, but she doesn’t look guilty at all, does she?

What amazed me was how well my girls took being ill. They didn’t fuss too much, but smiled and played when they weren’t having issues. Ginny even pulled out her doctor kit to take care of us when we were ill, especially since we told her we wouldn’t go to see the doctor. I suppose she felt that she had to take matters into her own hands. Naturally, when I was ill, well, the whole world was coming to an end. For some reason, I seemed to get the worst variation of this virus than the rest of the house.

We have no time to be sick anymore. DH and I plan on going out on a date this upcoming Saturday; a date originally planned for today but derailed by the virus. Additionally, my sister and her kids (my fabulous niece and nephew) will be visiting us next Sunday. I’d also like to get out of the house with my girls and return to the gym and go to MOMS Club events. 

So, stomach virus, if you are listening, get the heck out of dodge…we don’t want you around anymore. (That should do it, right?)

Oh, and if you didn’t notice, I’m back with the Sunday Summary. I’ve decided to change it up a bit by only doing it every other week. So, here is the wrap up for the last two weeks:

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Coming Soon

It is Selection Sunday today! I love this day so much every year! Of course, I always have my beloved Jayhawks winning the whole thing (it would feel disloyal if I didn’t). I doubt they do it this year because we have been so inconsistent; however, I will root for them 100%. In the meantime, I am raising little Jayhawks at home and will write about that this week as well as posting a recipes for Pizza Casserole and my Sweet Saturday post for Lemon Blueberry Muffins. 


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