All I Want for Christmas

All I Want for Christmas

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All I Want for Christmas

In less than 48 hours, it will be Christmas. Most of the time, I love this holiday. This year, though, I’m on the fence. 2016 sucked, big, especially in the last few weeks. Since Thanksgiving, I’ve had two deaths in my family (a brother-in-law and a cousin), two daughters with ear infections, a broken down minivan that won’t get out of the shop until the end of December, and a torn rotator cuff I’ve been dealing with since October. (Oh, and most of that list happened in the past week.)

Despite all the headaches and stress, I’m trying to get excited about Christmas. I have less than two days to find the spirit. 

In many ways, I think having three daughters helps make Christmas fun. With each new decoration hung and presents placed under the tree, I found my girls talking non-stop about Santa Claus and opening gifts. And, this year, my oldest, Gigi, is almost more enthusiastic about giving than receiving. Almost. Every day you can find her at the kitchen table with a coloring book and crayons making “presents” for everyone. Peanut joins her in these activities and they give us “presents” every day because they can’t wait until Christmas to give. 

As a way to stay focused on the joys of the holiday season (instead of the other crap we’ve been dealing with), I’ve created my Christmas list. In some ways, it is like a Christmas bucket list. It’s not a list of the presents I hope to get but, rather, all that I hope to see and do this Christmas season.

All I want for Christmas…

Bake and eat lots of Christmas cookies.

Spend time visiting with my parents during their visit this year.

A date with my husband. (It’s been over a year.)

Go to Christmas Eve mass with my husband (and leave the girls at home with the grandparents).

Watch my girls discover all the presents under the tree on Christmas morning.

My Christmas turkey to come out tasty and wonderful for all to enjoy.

Listen to Christmas music for as long as possible and sing along.

Play games with my girls during the break, especially with the new games that Santa brings.

Stream some of my favorite shows that I’ve discovered on Netflix, including The Walking Dead, Arrow, and The Blacklist.

Stream the Sense8 Christmas special on Netflix. 

Watch lots of Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel!

Stream even more Christmas movies on Netflix, like The Santa Clause, White Christmas, Love Actually, and The Heart of Christmas, just to name a few. (*Scroll to the bottom for a more complete list.)

Take lots of pictures of my family as they open their presents. 

Start new Christmas traditions, like eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve. 

Enjoy watching Sweet Pea discover what Christmas is about this year.

Bake and decorate our birthday cake for Jesus that we will eat on Christmas Day.

Spend a few quiet moments in the dark with the Christmas lights and thank God for my many blessings.

Relish every moment with my family!

What do you want for Christmas this year? How do you plan to celebrate the holiday?

List of some Christmas movies you can stream on Netflix:

Love Actually, White Christmas, The Santa Clause, The Heart of Christmas, Christmas with the Kranks, The Spirit of Christmas, A Christmas Horror Story, A Christmas Kiss, Happy Christmas, 12 Dates of Christmas, Christmas Again, Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure, The Christmas Card, Christmas in the Smokies, A Very Murray Christmas, Back to Christmas, Christmas Crush, Radio City Christmas Spectacular, All I Want for Christmas, A Christmas Star, Marry Me for Christmas, Christmas Wedding Baby, Dear Santa, Noël, Scrooged, Frosty the Snowman



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