An Octopus in the Family

My baby girl, Grace, is very nearly 10 months old. She is sweet and adorable and all hands. I think I may have given birth to an octopus.

You may think I am exaggerating, but I’m not. Her hands, and even legs, seem to be everywhere at once. And, honestly, it is beginning to drive me a bit nuts. I know it is only a stage, but I’m already “over” it; mainly because it is causing me injury. Yes, my baby girl has injured me, and I have evidence.  (See the picture below. That mark above my lip is NOT a beauty mark but a scab from my lovely dear.)

The mark on my lip was inflicted on me by my youngest.

If I am holding Grace, her hands are scratching at my face, going into my mouth so she can pull on my lip, yanking on my clothes, and, of course, pulling my hair. It doesn’t seem to matter if I wear my hair back or not. She will find a way to pull at my hair. Ouch! I do have a hard head and can tolerate quite a bit of hair pulling. That doesn’t mean I like it though.

When Grace isn’t in my arms, she has to be close to me most of the time. Getting on the floor to play with her seems pointless most times. She doesn’t play. She climbs all over me and starts pulling and scratching again. If I am in my favorite chair, it is the same thing. The only difference is when I have the laptop out. Just moments ago while I was working on this, Grace’s hands had a tight hold of the laptop, attempting to bring it closer to herself. I will remove her little fingers, but to little avail. I have to physically move her across the room in hopes that I will be able to finish what I was working on before she returns. Amazingly, I just lucked out and she got distracted by a few toys and her sister.

Toys rarely amuse my daughter. She greatly prefers electrical cords. We use pillows and other objects to block access, yet she has the ability to ferret out a cord. Then, if we aren’t quick, we will see her with that cord in her mouth, giving me heart palpitations EVERY time.  Leaving her alone is not much of an option because of this cord obsession.

Her octopus-like qualities show themselves even when it is time for her to nurse.  Her legs kick at me as her hands wander around and explore. I get pinched, poked, and kicked multiple times a day, every day.

My little octopus
My little octopus

I was spoiled with my oldest who did some reaching, but nothing like her baby sister. I can only hope that this “all hands” phase will pass quickly. It is wearing me out.

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