National Ask a Stupid Question Day

Did you realize that on every day of the year there is some sort of holiday? I’m not lying. It’s true. Some days have multiple holidays. Of course, I had no idea this was the case until I met my husband. He bookmarked a website that keeps track of the daily holidays, Brownielocks and the Three Teddy Bears.  

National Ask a Stupid Question DayToday, on this blog, we celebrate a very important holiday…National Ask a Stupid Question Day. Now, you probably want to ask me a stupid question, like “Why, Denise?” Of course, since it is Ask a Stupid Question Day, I would be required to answer it. After some research, I learned that teachers invented this holiday in the 1980s to encourage students to ask more questions.

Oh, and if you were wondering, today is also Blasphemy Rights Day International and International Translation Day. (Personally I’m looking forward to National Taco Day on October 4th. Mmmm….tacos!)

In honor of this prestigious holiday, I will be answering 10 random questions that I picked off a list of 100 questions.

What is the last thing you watched on TV?

Sesame Street. I know you’re jealous! I’m watching it now with my toddler, Grace. She loves it (and honestly, so do I)!

Without looking, guess what time it is.

Since I’m watching Sesame Street and Elmo hasn’t come on yet, I’m guessing it is 9:40. Let me check….

Oops. i was wrong. It is 9:42. Dang.

Did you dream last night?

I think I did. Actually, I know I did, and it was a good dream, but I can’t remember any of it. Don’t you hate that?

Seen anything weird lately? 

Ginny came out from her quiet time the other day in an interesting outfit. When I asked her what she was dressed as, she said, “I’m a ballerina, Mommy.” The strangest (and cutest) ballerina I’ve ever seen…

National Ask a Stupid Question Day
My little “ballerina” ?

If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

Oh gosh. I have a long list of wishes. First, we would pay off the minivan. Then, we’d make a few repairs on our house, sell it, and buy a larger home (in cash) We’d make arrangements for our in-laws and see if my parents wanted/needed anything.  We’d also make sure to create college savings accounts for both girls with enough money to cover four-years tuition on each. Finally, I’d go on a shopping spree to buy new clothes, and I’d hire a personal trainer at my gym. 

Do you like to dance?

Yes!! I had the nickname “Dancing Queen” in grad school (a story for another time). At the time, I used to two-step, line dance, and more. I haven’t danced in years though. My drop foot makes dancing a challenge.

Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?

Nope. I never felt thin or pretty enough.

What was the name of your first pet?

My firs pet was Lucy, a springer spaniel! My parents got her as a puppy when my dad, a sergeant in the Air Force. was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base in North Las Vegas, NV. His orders had us staying there for at least 4 years. Naturally, they changed our orders after two years, sending us back overseas to Germany. We left Lucy with a friend of Dad’s, someone who bred springer spaniels

National Ask a Stupid Question Day
My little sis Amy and me playing with Lucy.

Can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows?

Can’t everyone? I thought everyone could. 

How far away from your birthplace do you live now?

According to Google Maps, I live just over 900 miles from my birth place in Aurora, Colorado.


Now that I’ve answered my questions, I want to give you a chance to answer one! Choose one of the questions below and answer in the comments below! I can’t wait to see your answers. 

Does your name make any interesting anagrams?


Who sent the last text message you received?

The Golden Spoons

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  1. Oh admittedly, I miss Sesame Street. I was always a fan when I was little and was glad to have the adult excuse to watch it again. The only part that my son cared for was Elmo’s World, so I’d watch the whole thing and call his attention for Elmo’s world. Is Mr. Noodle still on there?

    As for my eyebrows I don’t feel anything happening when I try to lift one with my eyes closed.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…Breadcrumbs to 10 Random Stories…

  2. Funny you should ask….I recently decided to take my husband’s last name (Sublet) and since I’m Angie Susanne the joke has been that after 13 years of marriage I’ve finally made an “ASS” out of myself! I’m thinking of adding some monogrammed towels in the bathroom – and then some that also say, face, hands, etc….;)

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