The Broken Chairs

My brother-in-law (my husband’s brother) enjoys working with wood. He’s used his talents to make his children toy boxes and a table and chair set. For our anniversary one year, he made a beautiful cutting board for us. In his home sits a lovely end table that sits next to his living room chairs. You wouldn’t recognize that it was crafted by a wood hobbyist. The only way I know is because he told us he made it.

Being a wonderful uncle and Godfather, my brother-in-law made a child-size table set for Ginny on her 1st birthday. The table came with two chairs, one that had Ginny’s name on the back. The chairs set a bit high up so we hid the table set in our basement until Ginny was tall enough to climb on to the chair without our help. (We tried doing it before that time, resulting in frustration on our parts as she wanted us to put her on the chair then take her off every 5 minutes. And yes, I know that was a run-on sentence.)

Right before Ginny’s 2nd birthday, we pulled out the table set for her to use. And use it she did! Of course, we, being silly and naΓ―ve parents, thought she would use the chair and table as they were meant to be used. Oh, how wrong we were! While the table was used properly, the chairs were not, particularly her chair.

Our creative little girl would climb on the chair to stand on it. She would lay it on its side and sit on it. Ginny stood on the support beams for reasons I can’t quiet comprehend. The chair would end up upside down, resulting in her desire to sit on it in that capacity. Despite our attempts to stop this behavior, after a few months of this abuse, the chair broke. 

The Broken Chair
Ginny’s broken chair sitting in the garage.

We took the broken chair to her uncle’s house on a visit and he repaired it. The repair didn’t last, though. Within a few short weeks after our return home, the chair was broken; in a way that we could not repair on our own. 

Around the time that the chair was hidden in the garage, in its broken state, Grace had discovered she could climb on the remaining chair to sit. Pride gleamed frome her blue eyes the first time she accomplished that feat. 

Now, the remaining chair had the attention of both girls. I’m not sure what happened, though, because Ginny started taking better care of the remaining chair in a way she never had with the broken one. Was it because she learned something from breaking the other chair? Was it maturity now that she was 3? I had high hopes that this chair would never break.

The Broken Chair
Grace all stuck in the chair. Ginny tried to help with no success.

I guess I was deluding myself. Grace, being as curious and ornery as her sister, started laying this chair on its side to sit on and climb in. She put it upside down and tries to sit on it. Instead of pointing out to her sister the error of her ways, Ginny joined in on the fun. I suspect that this chair’s days are numbered. 

This morning, Grace climbed into the chair in a new way, and found herself stuck. After pulling her out and then putting the chair upright, I hoped she would learn not to do that again. And, yet again, I was wrong. She did it again and got stuck again. As I tried to remove her from her stuck place, the seat of the chair felt loose. It appears we may have yet another broken chair. So much for a wonderful and beautiful gift lasting….all I can hope is that the next time we make our way to Iowa for a visit, my brother-in-law will be able to fix the destruction his nieces wrought on his gift, these broken chairs. 

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  1. Thank you for the sweet words and the shout out! Ah, your story was familiar to me. We had a little table and chair set that Miles would get creative with too. πŸ™‚

  2. That’s funny. It brought back memories of a favorite chair that I had. I wonder what happened to it. I never remember it being broken. I do know that it started out as a set – a little table and two chairs – later it was just one chair. So perhaps as a little girl I did the same thing. I used to like to take things apart.
    Kenya G. Johnson recently posted…How to Get Away with Murder…

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