A Cause for Celebration

“Mommy, did you know it’s Grace’s birthday today?” Ginny happily chimed at me as I lay in bed not wanting to get up and start my day yet.

I grunted something that might have sounded like, “Really?”

“Yeah! We’re going to eat cake today.”

A Cause for CelebrationWhile Ginny couldn’t stop excitedly proclaiming her sister’s birthday, poor Grace had no idea it was her birthday nor what it meant; making the difference between a 3 1/2-year-old and 2-year-old clear. Ginny knew there was a celebration at hand. Grace just knew she would play with her sister that day. Everything else seemed the same.

I find it hard to believe that two years have passed since giving birth to my baby girl. She’s grown up so much, no longer a toddler. Yet, in many ways, she is still my baby. She’s a momma’s girl, who clings to me the most when she gets upset or just needs a cuddle. While independent and feisty in moments, she’s also needy and clingy when uncertain or in a new situation. 

We didn’t throw a party for her birthday, which may be a surprise to some. We aren’t the type of parents who believe in throwing a big birthday bash every year for our children. My husband and I want to save big parties for special moments. Our girls each had a larger family party when they turned 1, but small celebrations at home on their second and third birthdays. 

Typically, I will bake a cake for these small birthday parties at home. This year was a little different. We forgot to buy cake mix at the grocery store for Grace’s cake. While I could have made one from scratch, my girls were having a rough day (okay, making my day rough) and I lost any motivation to bake. I sent my husband a text asking him to pick up a cake at the store. on his way home from work.

During the day, as we waited for Chris to get home, Ginny kept telling her sister “Happy Birthday,” and chattered on and on about opening presents and eating cake. I think she was excited. Then she asked if her birthday was the next day. I explained it wouldn’t be for a few more months. I looked at Ginny as she pondered the tough, her face scrunched up and serious. “Fine, fine, fine,” was her response.

Soon after my husband arrived, bearing a half white/half chocolate cake, we sat down to eat dinner, our girls’ favorite, spaghetti. Grace scarfed down her meal while Ginny barely touched hers. It turns out she was leaving lots of room for the cake. When it came time to blow out the candle, Grace wanted nothing to do with it. She tried to hide from the candle, as if afraid of the fire on it (in this, she takes after me. I’m very afraid of fire.). I ended up blowing the candle for her. 

A Cause for Celebration
Grace did not want to be near that lit candle!

Once we finished our cake and cleaned up the kitchen, the four of us (five, if you count the dog) went to the living room to open presents from us, my parents, and an aunt and uncle. Grace lit up at the idea of opening gifts. I think she finally understood what a birthday celebration was. Her favorite gifts that night were a stuffed Mickey Mouse and a stuffed Minnie Mouse. Both dolls giggled and sang “The Hot Dog Dance.” Grace squealed with delight. We didn’t realize she could squeal at such a high pitch. We now know. 

A Cause for Celebration
Grace enjoyed opening presents.

Next week, we’ll be visiting my in-laws where there will be a joint birthday party held for Grace and my niece A. She’ll get to eat more cake and open more presents. I don’t think she’ll complain. My only concern is explaining why Grace got two parties to her sister Ginny. 

Now, on to my summary of the week…

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