Driving Tractors & Climbing at the Children’s Museum

It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks. Illness has infested our home. First, we were all struck by a nasty stomach bug. I thought I had avoided it, save one day of miserable nausea, only to find out I was wrong. Very wrong. Then, once everyone felt better, a cold virus infected us all. In fact, we are still fighting that vile bug.

Driving Tractors & Climbing at the Children's MuseumDue to our illnesses, my poor daughter Ginny missed going on her first field trip with her new preschool class to the Children’s Museum. With her coughing plus a runny nose, I felt it better for us to stay home instead of infecting all her friends plus a multitude of strangers. I’m considerate like that.

Ginny disagreed with my decision to keep her home. In order to ease the blow, I let her know that we would take her to the museum when her health improved. If you have kids, you know they never forget and hold you to your promises. 

So, on Thursday, a day where no one seemed ill (that changed later that night…thanks for asking) and my husband, Chris, had a day off, we all trudged to the Children’s Museum in Normal, Illinois

Driving Tractors & Climbing at the Children's MuseumTo say my girls enjoyed our excursion would be an understatement. They loved it. Heck, Ginny started to cry when we told her we were leaving a mere two hours later. 

As I learned on my first trip to a Children’s Museum when we vacationed in South Dakota, these museums are, basically, huge “playgrounds” for kids with opportunities to learn and even create. 

Driving Tractors & Climbing at the Children's MuseumWhile there, Ginny and Grace got to play with trains, take care of babies in a hospital nursery, go grocery shopping, drive tractors, play with puppets, climb, paint on windows, and so much more. It was hard to keep up with the two of them. I wondered how I could manage such a trip by myself because, of course, my girls kept going in opposite directions. (This means that they’ll have to wait until their dad has a day off again.)

Driving Tractors & Climbing at the Children's Museum
What can beat being able to “drive” a tractor?

Driving Tractors & Climbing at the Children's MuseumThe only member of our family who didn’t understand all the fuss about the museum was our youngest, Samantha. She saw all the exhibits from her view in my Ergo. I’m sure that is even less exciting than it sounds. Once she starts crawling and walking, I’m sure she will enjoy going just as much as her big sisters.

And, now, on to my summary of the week. 

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