Life Has Been Crazy

Life Has Been Crazy

Life has been crazy. Granted, my life has been in constant motion since giving birth to our third beautiful daughter, Sweet Pea. As I’ve moaned before, time is no longer my own. Although, now that my youngest is two-years-old and my middle child goes to preschool three days a week, I do have a little more time on my hands to carry out tasks. 

But back to my opening statement about life being crazy. I thought that before I would jump back into blogging on a more regular basis, I should update day you on my life in general. It might give you an idea of my existence and all that has gone on behind the scenes.


I was first diagnosed with asthma as a child. I never grew out of it; however, my asthma improved. In fact, it has been under control with very little issues for decades (with some brief issues when I was in the hospital for other things). My asthma did worsen while pregnant, but always improved after giving birth. 

When I was diagnosed with pneumonia on Christmas Eve, I had no idea it would aggravate my asthma further, even after healing from the pneumonia. I’m healthy, except for struggling to breathe. Well, two weeks ago, I went to yet another doctor, an allergist. I thought that maybe my allergies were triggering my asthma worse than usual. If I could combat that, then I could gain control over my breathing again.

It turns out that while my allergies are probably in part to blame and that hormones are as well (yay…perimenopause), the doctor thought there was more. To find what might be going on, she examined me and told me that I have a sinus infection. And, not just any sinus infection, an infection that I’ve likely had since January. After having a sinus CT done, I learned that I not only had an old infection in two of my sinus cavities, I had a new infection in two different sinus cavities. 

The new infection combined with the old has been hard on me. For the last couple of weeks, despite being on antibiotics, I’ve struggled. The moment I feel better and exert energy, I’m back to laying on the couch exhausted. I go back to the doctor today to decide what we need to do next to get rid of this nasty infection. I’m guessing more antibiotics. 


I’m an organized person. I always have been. Even when I’ve been a slob, I’ve been an organized slob. In the last few months, I’ve tried to organize my house again. I started with the basement storage area (which I’m still not done with…oops) and just finished with my girls’ rooms.

My husband and I moved our three daughters into the same bedroom. With help from my dad, my husband put together bunk beds we ordered. Our two oldest sleep there with Gigi, the oldest, on the top bunk and Peanut on the bottom. Sweet Pea still sleeps in her toddler bed. 

The new playroom. It’s still a work in progress (like replacing those drapes), but will be done soon.

After that was done, I turned the “spare” bedroom into a playroom. It took a lot of work, but was well worth it. Now the girls are no longer allowed to play with their toys in the main living area or even their bedroom. This helps contain the mess to one room. I call that a win! Of course, Sweet Pea doesn’t understand the rule of not bringing toys out but she’ll learn eventually.

New opportunities

As if I wasn’t busy enough, I decided to start selling Pampered Chef. I signed up at the end of July and started selling in August. You might be wondering why I did that when I’m busy as it is. It’s simple. I wanted to earn a little spending money for myself to join a gym and ease some of the burden on our family budget.

At first I was nervous about taking on my own direct sale business. I’ve been skeptical about them as a general rule. But I’ve done well so far. I’m earning a little bit of money and setting some aside for Christmas money. Eventually I want to save up and buy myself a DSLR camera. I’ll get there.

I’m trying to avoid being one of those annoying people on Facebook constantly pushing their wares. It’s hard because I do enjoy earning money again. Of course, once you start earning, you want more. And, to be honest, I’m having fun throwing virtual Facebook parties. I’m using some of the skills I developed as a blogger in creating themes for the parties and graphics to go with the theme. 

more activities

A lot more than that is going on. Gigi started first grade, and she loves it! Since we are Catholic, that means she has started religious education classes through our parish. She goes to class once a week. I also hope to sign her up for Girl Scouts soon.

Then, starting next week, Sweet Pea and I will take part in a parent/tot gymnastics class. Pray for me! Later in the fall, the older two girls will take their own gymnastics class together. 

When you add to potty training and the other normal daily responsibilities, life continues to be busy and crazy. I take each day one at a time and hope I can survive my crazy life.

What has been going on with you?



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