The Disney Jr. Drinking Game

The Disney Jr. Drinking Game

Being a mom of three little ones means I get to watch lots of children’s television. More than I ever expected, honestly. I mean. I knew my kids would watch shows, but I thought I would stay oblivious as Sesame Street was on as I did other things. How wrong I was! I soon discovered the joy of interacting with the programs to make sure my daughters were engaged and active, rather than mindlessly watching their shows.  

One day, when Ginny was young, I stumbled on to the allure of Disney, Jr. All the shows are entertaining and teach good moral lessons (well, most of the time). And, most importantly, they would engage my daughter. I quickly noticed that every episode followed the same pattern and repeated the same phrases.


While the repetition keeps my girls entertained, it drives me a bit bonkers. It occurred to me that I should make watching Disney, Jr. shows fun for parents. So, I created the Disney, Jr. Drinking Game.*

**Disney, Jr. Drinking Game 

The Rules: Using your favorite beverage or cookies, take a drink or eat a cookie every time you hear one of the following words or phrases while your children watch Disney, Jr. 

Jake & the Neverland Pirates

“Yo Ho Maties, Away!”

“Yo Ho, Way to Go!”

“Treasure Chest”

“Oh, Coconuts!”

“Pixie Dust”

“I’ve Got My Map”


“10 Gold Doubloons”

Sofia the First

Every time she talks to an animal

Every reference she makes to her amulet

Sheriff Callie

“You’ll never know until you try.”

“Sweet Sassafras”

“Yee Haw!”

When Deputy Peck invariably says, “…on account of that I’m the deputy.”

“Oh, Tailfeathers!”

Mickey Mouse

The Hot Dog Dance

“Oh, Toodles!”

“Meeska Mouska”

“We got ears, say cheers!”

“See ya real soon!”

“Hot dog!”

Doc McStuffins

“Do you need a cuddle?”

Any time the checkup song is sung

“Oh, Chilly”

Every time Doc (or others) point out to Chilly that he’s stuffed and not a real snowman

“I have a diagnosis.”

“Toys. Go Stuffed.”

Miles from Tomorrowland

“Aww, craters!” (Side note: My three-year-old now says this when she gets frustrated.)


“Let’s rocket!”



I hope you enjoy the Disney, Jr Drinking Game. I’d like to think it will help watching the shows (over and over and over again) a bit more bearable. 

*Please don’t drink alcohol while alone with your kids. Please make sure you have at least one other adult at home since you would likely get drunk while playing this game. Without another adult present, take shots of espresso for a super buzz or eat lots of yummy cookies!

**In no way endorsed or affiliated officially (or unofficially for that matter) with Disney!




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