Escaping Pink and Princesses

Escaping Pink and Princesses

I have an adorable 11 1/2 month old baby girl.  Because she is a girl that must mean that everything she owns should be pink, right? NOOOOOO!!! I am so over pink already. I’m done with it.  I never thought a color would bother me so much. Pink has really gotten on my nerves.

I’m sure when I was a little girl that I loved pink. Of course, I don’t remember that time. The first favorite color that I had, that I remember, was blue.  I guess by the age of 8 I was already tired of pink.

Pink wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t so present in anything you try to buy a baby girl. The vast majority of toys out there being marketed to girls are PINK. For some toys, it is hard to find a gender neutral color. I notice that boys have a larger selection of colors and styles. They aren’t limited to blue in the same ways that girls are to pink. Why is that?

This is not to say that I hate pink. I like the color, but in small, tasteful doses. Instead what you end up with is a room full of Pepto-Bismal—clothes, toys, decorations saturated with pink.  Silly me, I would like my daughter to enjoy a wide range of colors and not be forced into believing that pink is the way to go, just because she is a girl.

Not only am I sick of pink, I can’t stand the Disney princesses. She isn’t into them, yet, but Disney is sure doing a job trying to market them to her already.  Of course, the Disney princesses are always decorated with a pink background, which makes them doubly bad.  I just hope this trend dies off a bit before my daughter is old enough to catch onto the strange mania that has most little girls dreaming of being Belle, Cinderella or Aurora.  I remember wanting to be a princess when I was little, but my dreams weren’t so specific.  Hopefully, Ginny’s imagination will go beyond these Disney constructs being handed to her and every other little girl out there. Hopefully.

Until then, I will deal with some pink, particularly those that are gifts, and try to get as much for her as I can that isn’t pink and doesn’t have a princess on it.

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  1. SING IT SISTER!!!!!! I totally agree with you -and I LIKE pink! LOL I wanted to be a fairy ballerina and ride a unicorn and Disney hadn't gone all crazy with Tinkerbell stuff at that point, so I had no branding influence for that!

  2. This is a pet peeve of mine… and when I mentioned it to the in-laws, it was “evin's liberal femi-nazi bullshit”… and they bought MORE pink. Then I casually mentioned that neither of my girls look very good in pink or pastels, but look awesome in blue or purple… and now they go out of their way to find red, navy, purple clothes for them. So dumb. When I was little, I wanted to be a fireman or a horse when I grew up… I hope my daughter isn't forced by the media to think her only dream should be to be a princess!

  3. I ran across your blog from another and the title caught my eye because it had Jayhawk in it. I an actually a KU fan but I'm not from Kansas. You have a great blog and I'm enjoying reading all of your posts!

    Sarah @ This Farm Familys Life

  4. Imagine if you had gone through breast cancer and had to deal with all the pink thrown at us in October! I love pink, but I hate pink. It's made me suspicious of almost anything pink during the month of October… Like the possibility of some marketers using pink for sort of a subliminal advertisement even in children's products.

    Glad to have found your blog! I will add it to those I follow!

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