The First Full Day of Spring

Yesterday, it finally happened. Spring arrived. While I enjoy snow and don’t mind the cold, I was done with winter. I needed warmer temps and the opportunity to take my girls outside more. And, happily. Spring came.

But instead of spending the first full day of spring outside (it was warm enough with the sun shining), I spent the day inside. My oldest daughter, Ginny, woke up several times the night before in tears. It turned out her right ear hurt as did her throat. After giving her some children’s ibuprofen, she and my husband went to the guest room to sleep so I could, hopefully, sleep in peace. Well….at least until our 2-year-old, Grace, would inevitably crawl into bed with me, which she did around 3:30 a.m.

In the morning, my husband headed to work as the girls and I headed for the urgent care clinic in our small town. There are some benefits to living in a small town. One is not having to wait in the waiting room for a long time early on a Saturday morning. We were the only ones there. We went back right away and saw the doctor within minutes. And, to no surprise, Ginny was diagnosed with an ear infection in both ears (with the right one being the worst). 


The First Full Day of Spring
Ginny was thrilled to sit on the exam table!

Ginny couldn’t understand why the doctor wouldn’t give us the medicine. I had to explain that you go to a pharmacy to get it, which we did soon after leaving the doctor. Once home, I watched as my normally energetic child decided to lay on the couch and not move for hours. I checked her temperature, or at least attempted to, and found her to be running a temperature somewhere over 102. (Long story short, our forehead thermometer broke and I had to use an under-the-tongue one, which Ginny gave up on before it was done. Her temp was 101.9 at that point but I figure it was a bit above that in reality.)

The First Full Day of Spring
And here she laid for a few hours because she didn’t feel well. Poor baby!

I gave her children’s ibuprofen and hoped that would help her feel better. It did, but not until after she cried because she wasn’t sure she wanted to eat lunch. Luckily the hot ramen noodles helped her little throat feel a little better and the medicine soon took effect, leaving her a much happier girl. And, being three, she was able to completely “destroy” the house in the afternoon after failing to do so in the morning; creating a mess of epic proportions.

Today, she feels better and claims that she doesn’t need her medicine. She doesn’t like it, and I’m thankful I only have to give it to her twice a day. It will be a struggle to do so for another 8 days, but I’m sure I’ll find a way. 

The start of Spring, yesterday, also marked my 28th week of pregnancy. Finally, I’m fully in my 3rd trimester and only have 11 more weeks to go. 

While I love some parts of pregnancy, this pregnancy hasn’t been easy on me. Morning sickness ruled my life until last week when it FINALLY dissipated, allowing me to eat dinners without having to take a pill before I did. But my asthma keeps getting worse, to the point that I have my peak flow meter out and use it multiple times a day. I want to have some information with me before I schedule an appointment to see my primary care doctor this week to discuss options. I’ve already doubled one medication due to issues. The next step may be steroids, something I keep hoping to avoid. I’ll do what is needed so I can breathe when I walk across my house, something I struggle with now.

So, today on the second day of spring, with Ginny feeling better and me doing the best I can, we will get outside to celebrate a beautiful day. Whether I’m able to get some gardening done remains to be seen, but at least my girls will run and play in the fresh air. 

And now, for a recap of the last couple of weeks….

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