When it comes to Facebook, I have to admit that I love surveys and quizzes. From Buzzfeed quizzes to interviewing your kids then posting their answers, I love them all.


This morning, one Facebook friend, Zoom, posted a list of “firsts.” I looked through his answers and the list. Without questioning it, I copied the post and got ready to share my answers. Then, it occurred to me. Why not share my answers via a blog post? After all, it has been a while since I blogged anything. 

So, without further ado, my firsts:

FIRST prom date

Larry. We went as friends. I had to ask him because no one asked me to prom. 

Do you stil talk to your FIRST love? 

Ummm… I am Facebook friends with his mom and sister though. 

FIRST alcoholic drink

Probably a sip of wine at Thanksgiving dinner as a teen.


I was a hostess at Bonanza Steakhouse. Glamorous, right?


1981 Pontiac Phoenix. It had vinyl seats and AM radio only. Oh, and it got 10 miles to the gallon. 

FIRST person to text you today

My mom.

FIRST thing you thought of this morning

Coughs suck.

FIRST grade teacher

Mrs. Carter at Fay Herron Elementary in North Las Vegas.

FIRST ride on an airplane

From Colorado to Missouri, I think. (I was only like 3 months old so….)


Lucy, a springer spaniel

FIRST sleepover

I think at my friend Charlene’s house when I was in 2nd grade.

FIRST person you talked to today

My husband.

FIRST wedding you were in

College friend, Kim. I was her maid of honor. We lost touch years ago.

The FIRST thing you did this morning

Nursed my baby.

FIRST concert you went to

Power Station in 1985. OMD was their opening act.

FIRST tattoo you got

No tattoos for me.

FIRST piercing

I was 12 and got my ears pierced.

FIRST foreign country you’ve gone to

Germany. I was 22 months old. 

FIRST movie you remember seeing in the theater

Oh gosh. This is tough. If you count drive-ins, then either Star Wars or The Jungle Book. If not, probably Superman.

FIRST detention in school

I never had detention. I avoided it at all cost.

FIRST roommate

If you don’t count my younger sister, then Yolanda in college. Our roommates didn’t show up so we moved in together. Worst. Mistake. Ever!

Did you marry the FIRST person to ask for your hand in marriage? 


FIRST sport you were involved in? 

Ummm…..I was never involved in sports, unless you count cheerleading.

FIRST lessons you ever took

Trampoline lessons for a short time during 4th grade

FIRST thing you do when you get home

Kick off my shoes.

FIRST cell phone

A flip phone (loved those!) in 2000. LG, I think.

FIRST Christmas present you remember

My Bullwinkle Bop Bag

FIRST kiss

Timmy. I was 9.

So, now you’ve read my firsts, do you have any firsts you’d like to share? Feel free to copy this list (if you’re like me) and share it on Facebook or your own blog.



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