This time of year I find myself thinking of family and friends, particularly the latter. While I get to spend time with some family during the holidays, I don’t get to see my friends very often. The majority of my friends live hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from me. We connect on social media and through infrequent phone calls (that’s my fault because I hate talking on the phone….yes, I suck as a friend).

FriendsgivingDuring the holidays, particularly Thanksgiving, I feel thankful for all the friends who support and love me, despite the fact that I’m bad about keeping in touch. I value their friendship, love, and support! I’m also grateful for Facebook helping me stay connected to my fabulous friends and stay a part of their lives even though we live far apart.

Even though distance keeps us apart, I find that watching some friendship-based movies and TV shows remind me of the importance of friends. Luckily, I have Netflix which allows me to stream my favorites when I’m in the mood.  

Here are just a few of some great “friendsgiving” movies and TV shows I enjoy that are on Netflix :

1. Love Actually

I fell in love with this movie the first time I saw it with my sister and her friend. It deals with love, friendship, conflict, and more. At the end of the movie, I always find myself with a goofy grin on my face. 

2. Gilmore Girls (TV)

I only started watching this show once it went to reruns. Now it is on my list of shows to watch. The heart of the show is Lorelei and Rory, mother and daughter, but it also has a lot to do with friendships and how they support us through the tough times.

3. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

If you want to watch a funny movie, then this movie about two friends working on a history project for school will be perfect for you!

4. Wayne’s World

When the first skits appeared on Saturday Night Live, I was in college and watched with friends in my dorm room. We laughed every time! The movie is a bit unlikely and over-the-top, but still a fun one about two friends with a cable access show.

5. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

You might not think of this movie being about friendship, but it really is. While Katniss is determined to survive, she wants the friends she’s made, especially Peeta, to survive as well. How will she carry out that if the game only allows one winner?

6. Desperate Housewives (TV)

The first season of this show is the best, in my opinion. The friendships on this program show how friendships between women can form, strengthen, fall apart, and more. Granted, the examples are in the extreme, but that’s what makes the show fun!

7. That 70s Show (TV)

This show is another that I didn’t watch when it was on regular TV. I wish I had watched it then! While definitely a comedy taking advantage of the crazy 70s, the show follows 5 friends in high school and beyond.

8. Clueless

Funny, funny, funny! Okay, hysterically funny. Cher decides a new girl desperately needs a makeover. A friendship develops in the process, but then challenges arise. In the end, Cher learns an important lesson.

9. Girls Just Want to Have Fun

I have loved this movie since I saw it in the mid-80s. I loved the dancing, but the friendship is just as amazing. Besides, now it’s just fun watching Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt, and you can’t beat the dancing!

10. How to Marry a Millionaire

If you love classic films, then you’ll love this one with Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, and Lauren Bacall. They portray three friends who rent an expensive apartment in the hopes that they will marry millionaires.

*11. Friends (TV)

Okay, technically, this show isn’t on Netflix until January but it is my all-time favorite TV show about friendship. I had to include it! 

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam which means that they pay for the streaming service in exchange for me posting once a month about the service. All opinions are my own. 

What is one of your favorite films or TV shows about friendships?


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