From Diapers to Preschool

From Diapers to Preschool

My oldest, Ginny, is enchanted by the idea of school. It started simply enough. She would see a school bus and go a bit berserk. 

“Mommy, school bus!!! There’s a school bus, Mommy.”

From Diapers to Preschool

The thrill in her voice amazed me. What was so fascinating about a school bus? 

Then there came the despair.

“Where’s the school bus, Mommy? I don’t see any school buses.” My daughter would say this with a quiver in her voice and a tear in her eye. I’d have to explain that school buses aren’t usually on the road on a Saturday, but since she is two years old and doesn’t grasp the concepts of time very well yet, Saturday meant little to her.

Soon, Gigi would beg me to go to school. 

“Mommy, I want to go to school.” 

I would let her know she had to be a bit older. She would have to wait. 

“Okay, Mommy. I wait.”

A few weeks ago, it happened. We got a letter in the mail from our parish school, the one I once I worked at as a substitute teacher, inviting us to their open house. Since Gigi is turning three next month, she will be old enough to go to preschool in the fall. 

Gigi came with me to the open house. She was beyond excited about going to school with Mommy that evening. 

When I arrived, I saw Sister Joan, the school principal and my former boss. She saw us as we entered and gave me a hug.  She looked at Gigi and said, “I can’t believe she’s old enough yet. My, how time has flown by.”

From Diapers to Preschool
Look at that concentration…

I can’t believe it either. It seems like just yesterday that I was waddling around and more than ready to give birth; uncertain if the baby I was carrying was a boy or a girl. Now, my baby girl isn’t a baby anymore, although she and her sister will always be my babies. 

A week after the open house, I made my way back to the school and registered Gigi for preschool. She will attend only twice a week in the mornings, but it will be a huge change, for her, her sister, and me. I’m excited for Gigi.  Gigi can’t believe her luck. She gets to go to school. Well, maybe….she still needs to be potty trained. I’m hoping that school will be the motivation to master that skill before August; otherwise, there will be no preschool for Ginny in the fall.

UPDATE: Gigi loved preschool! She’s now in Kindergarten and gets to ride the bus every day, to her complete delight.

This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. I’m co-hosting this week! This week’s sentence is “When it comes to the unexpected or to change…”

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  1. Hi from Bloppies! I remember the excitement I felt when I first saw a school bus. Yes it dwindled by the time grade school hit. Let’s face it, it wasn’t as fun as kindergarten. My son will be 2 this year & I’m also toying w/ the idea of sending him to preschool. I can’t believe how fast time has gone.
    Bianca @ Rant Rave Crave recently posted…Traveling with a 20 month old

    1. You have at least a year to worry about preschool. I decided sending her at 3 (if she’s potty trained) will be great for her. She will only go twice a week for 3 hours in the morning. Anyhow, my daughter is the total extrovert and she will love it. Hopefully she doesn’t drive her teacher nuts. 😉

  2. This is so touching. My oldest son is three and he, too, will be going to preschool for the first time in the fall. he’s so excited. I am too, but I’m also sad that my baby will be away from me, learning things I didn’t teach him, making friends I don’t know, doing things I can’t share with him. It’s hard to let go. But it also means I get to spend more time with my youngest. I’m trying to stay positive :-). Thanks for sharing.
    Mary Widdicks recently posted…Sunday Confessions: Never Again

    1. I think I’ll freak when she goes to kindergarten…being gone all day will be too much! It doesn’t feel like it goes too fast when you are in the middle of it, but before you know it they are grown.

  3. Awww! I remember preschool. I cried. My son didn’t. And now he’s in second grade! You’re so right that time truly does fly. So glad you’re co-hosting with me this week!

  4. Preschool and kindergarten are so exciting! I must say that the enthusiasm has waned quite a bit in my house; my high school sophomore is not very smiley at 6:30 a.m.!

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