15 Fantastically Funny Facebook Posts: 12th Edition

15 Fantastically Funny Facebook Posts: 12th Edition

Mondays suck! They just do. It’s not because I can’t sleep in. My kids won’t let us sleep in on the weekend either. (Oh, and anyone who claims that once you become a parent you’ll turn into a morning parent is WRONG! That or they are deluded. Seriously deluded.) No, Mondays just feel crappy. You know you have to do things that you can avoid on the weekend, like pay bills or clean or kick your kids to the curb on time to wait on a school bus that is always late. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are some bright spots to Monday. I go from three kids to two for most of the day, which means I can get stuff done for a change. It also means I get to sort through hilarious posts I saw all week long to create this round-up of funny Facebook posts! And, boy, there were some great ones this week! Enjoy the laughter.

If you would like to nominate a post for inclusion, make sure it is a public post and tag or message me, Adventures of a Jayhawk Mommy, on Facebook.

Small boogers?

There has to be a better way!

You know you’ve grown up when…

How will they survive?

Backhanded compliment?

You do what you need to do.

Sometimes I wish for a simpler time again.

This is what smart phones are for, right?

Day drinking

Kids can be too honest.

Three-year-old problems

Coffee trumps poop

Where did it go?

A proper welcome

Reminder to self: Don’t, just don’t.

I hope these gave you a laugh. If you enjoyed these, go to the pages and show your appreciation! Come back again next Monday for 15 more funny Facebook posts or check out more of my Fantastically Funny Facebook posts!

15 Fantastically Funny Facebook Posts

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