15 Fantastically Funny Facebook Posts: 7th Edition

15 Fantastically Funny Facebook Posts: 7th Edition

It’s been pure craziness for the last 24 hours (or so) in my house. I heard that lice made life hell for parents, but I had no idea until now. I’m still not done laundering EVERYTHING. Wow! 

Between the lice and the Republican National Convention, it’s been an interesting week. I love that I can escape the madness on Facebook though. Finding the funny can be hard in tough times, but, usually, someone on Facebook is able to make me laugh. Okay, lots of someones. (Is that a word? I doubt it.) Thank goodness!

I hope these funny Facebook posts bring a smile to your face in my latest edition of 15 Fabulously Funny Facebook posts!

If you would like to nominate a post for inclusion, make sure it is a public post and tag me, Adventures of a Jayhawk Mommy, on Facebook.

Feelin’ the love

The ultimate workout

Every. Single. Time.

Legitimate question

Back to Driver’s Ed

Scary!!! #shivers

The summer version of snow pants

Pool hide-and-seek

Who knew?

Just like my daughter

The life of a mother

It’s so hard!

Nothing like a Snickers.

Time to find a better hiding spot

Thanks, Facebook!

I hope these gave you a laugh. If you enjoyed these, go to the pages and show your appreciation! Come back again next Friday for 15 more funny Facebook posts!


15 Fantastically Funny Facebook Posts

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