10 Great Gift Ideas for Cooks

Every year as I write down my Christmas list for my husband to peruse, most of the items I ask for are gadgets and small appliances for our kitchen. What can I say? I love cooking! And, cooking is always better when you have the right tool to use. 

10 Great Gift Ideas for CooksI have to admit that non-cooks might not get as excited about receiving a set of nesting measuring cups for Christmas as someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen. So, I created this list of great gift ideas for cooks!


10 Great Gift Ideas for Cooks
Microplane® Grater-Zester

1. Microplane® Grater-Zester ($14.95) I have had the hardest time trying to find a good zester. Then, one day as I was watching The Chew I saw Michael Symon use a microplane. I knew I wanted one. A couple of years ago, I got one for Christmas. It was my favorite gift that year! 

10 Great Gift Ideas for Cooks
Steel Pizza Cutter

2. Steel Pizza Cutter ($50) I’ll admit that this gift is a bit indulgent, since you can get less expensive pizza cutters at most kitchen stores. However, I love the design of this one handcrafted in Vermont. Those handles look perfect for getting the job done. 

10 Great Gift Ideas for Cooks
The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

3. The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg ($38) I bought this book for myself earlier this year. I absolutely LOVE it! It has inspired many ideas for me and my cooking including my recipes for Simon & Garfunkel Chicken and Italian Quiché. Perfect for the creative cook in your life.

10 Great Gift Ideas for Cooks
Christmas Cupcake Stencils

4. Christmas Cupcake Stencils ($4.95 for a set of 4) I love this idea! You can use this for cupcakes or even Christmas cookies. The four stencils include Santa, a Christmas tree, a snowman, and jingle bells.  It would be a perfect stocking stuffer for someone who loves to bake.

10 Great Gift Ideas for Cooks
Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

5. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit ($34.95) This kit offers a variety of dried peppers, labels, and 6 empty bottles. I love the idea of learning how to make hot sauce and what better way to start.

10 Great Gift Ideas for Cooks
Nonstick Pastry Mat

6. Nonstick Pastry Mat ($19.95) Growing up, my mom had a pastry mat she got from a Tupperware party. She could work with dough on the mat without making a huge mess on the kitchen counter.  I’ve always wanted one of these and love this one. 

10 Great Gift Ideas for Cooks
Cooking Guidelines Apron

7. Cooking Guidelines Apron ($25) This gift is brilliant! The apron has cooking guidelines that are upside down when you look at it. For the person wearing it, though, it is a great resource. Any cook in your family would be sure to love this apron too!

10 Great Gift Ideas for Cooks
The Orange Chef Co. iPad® Stand

8. The Orange Chef Co. iPad® Stand ($39.95) While I do use cookbooks, more often than not, I use my iPad or iPhone as I call up recipes on Pinterest or from a favorite cooking app. However, I always worry about my iPad getting food all over it. I love the idea of having a stand, like this one, to put the iPad on to keep it safe and make it even easier for me to look at the recipe as I cook.

10 Great Gift Ideas for Cooks9. Zyliss Tomato Slicer ($19.95) Even though it is a fairly easy task to slice tomatoes, it can be a real pain, too. This tomato slicer makes it easier than ever. Now all the slices will be uniform in size as well as the perfect width. I’ll admit. I have this slicer on my Christmas list.

10 Great Gift Ideas for Cooks
The Chew: What’s for Dinner?: 100 Easy Recipes for Every Night of the Week

10. The Chew: What’s for Dinner?: 100 Easy Recipes for Every Night of the Week ($19.99) I’ll admit that I love The Chew. They serve up great recipes that I want to try (and have tried) as well as good cooking tips. This cookbook is filled with great recipes from Michael Symon, Mario Batalli, and Carla Hall.

I hope you were able to find something on this list for the cook in your life. I’ll continue to add ideas on my Pinterest board, Gift Ideas for Cooks, if you are looking for even more options.

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