A First Halloween

A First Halloween

Last night was Halloween, one of my favorite holidays.  This year, I slacked in the decoration department.  Being a mom has meant adjusting energies and priorities.  I never did get around to decorating much.  Hopefully, I will do a better job next year.  I am grateful that Gigi didn’t really notice that type of detail this year.  That could be because it was her first Halloween.

A First Halloween
My girls dressed for Halloween: Gigi as a pumpkin & Daisy as a cow.

Since she is only 6 months old, we didn’t think that she was quite old enough to Trick-or-Treat. After all, she doesn’t have teeth yet to eat candy and only recently started eating solids. However, we did put her in a costume.  We visited two of our neighbors, mainly so they could see her.  Chris and I happened to score some candy from those neighbors, too. Most of our evening, though, was spent passing out candy.

A First Halloween
Me & my girls ready for the Trick-or-Treaters

We live in a small town adjacent to Springfield, Illinois. The type of town and neighborhood where people sit out on their front porch and pass out the candy, which is our tradition as well. Despite being small, we had our customary huge number of costumed children visit us.  This year we passed out candy to around 150 kids.  We stopped 30 minutes early.  Not because we ran out of candy, but things had slowed down. We could have continued once going inside, but since Gigi was asleep we turned out the lights.  The last thing we wanted to do was have the doorbell ring and wake her.

A First Halloween
Chris with Gigi and Daisy Mae!

It was a beautiful evening and a fabulous night filled with creative costumes, cute children, and lots of candy. All in all, a fabulous Halloween.  I hope that Gigi always enjoys this holiday as much as I do.

UPDATE 10/30/14: We now have two little ones anxious for Halloween. It is doubtful that we will be on the front porch this year because the high is only expected to be 45. Brrr! To see how our other Halloweens went last year, check it out, A Halloween Boo-Hoo??


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