A Halloween Boo-Hoo?

As I look out my window this morning, all I see is wet windows and rain falling down. The rainy weather I see has me feeling a bit melancholy and sad. Normally I love a good rain or even thunderstorm, but not today. Why? My vision of ghosts, goblins, princesses, pirates, and all trick-or-treaters is slowly being washed away by the rain. The anticipation of storms, my husband assures me are coming, makes me realize that Halloween may be cancelled this year. How sad.

Especially frustrating to me is that my little Jayhawk and ballerina will not be able to venture out seeking candy and fun. I feel worst for my oldest who finally understands what Halloween is, thanks to programs like The Mickey Mouse Club and Sofia the First. She shows her enthusiasm by saying “trick-or-treat” around the house.  While outside or on a drive, Ginny quickly points out pumpkins, ghosts and witches that she sees. She has been anticipating today for a couple of weeks now. How do I tell her that Halloween will not happen? How do I break her little heart? Why couldn’t it rain and storm like this a few days ago or even the last couple of years where the sun shined on Halloween.

Halloween Boo-Hoo?
My girls are ready for Halloween this morning.

The optimist in me has not given up complete hope. We have a large umbrella. Provided there isn’t a thunderstorm going through, we will venture out into the rain although not as far as originally planned. I can only hope that Chris doesn’t have to work late, as storms usually mean late nights for him. We will have to wait, see, and hope for the best. 

Until then, I might look at cute videos of children enjoying Halloween, like this one, to remind me that Halloween can be fun even without Trick-or-Treats. 

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  1. So how did it go? We had a great weather yesterday, perfect for trick or treat and I labored over my son’s zombie mask but he was not able to go because he got sick! Terrible! I took the little girl out though and seeing my son say goodbye to us with tears in his eyes broke my heart. Fortunately the little one was happy to share her candies with her brother when we came back.

    1. It went okay. There was a pause in the rain so we went out. After going to 2 houses, the rain was back. DH went back home with the baby, and I went to a few more houses with Ginny. She loved it but wasn’t as much or as long as I hoped. Maybe next year.

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