Happy Birthday From Netflix

Happy Birthday From Netflix

Growing up, birthdays were always a big deal in my house. My parents made a big deal of my sister and my birthday every year. Their birthdays were also celebrated with cake and singing! 


While my parents didn’t throw a spectacular birthday party for us every year, we knew our birthday was a special event. On our birthday, we would pick what we would eat for dinner and what dessert we would put the candles on to sing to each year. We did have the occasional party (I can only remember a handful). Happy Birthday From Netflix

Celebrating Family Birthdays

As a parent, I plan on doing what my parents did with my sister and me. My husband and I celebrate each birthday like it’s a huge celebration. We want our girls to know they are special. However, we don’t have the money or inclination to throw a huge birthday bash every year. What we do is allow our kids to decide what they want as their special birthday meal and pick their favorite dessert for their “cake.” Oh, and Chris and I do the same. (This year Chris wants French Silk Pie!)

Search “Birthday”

Netflix has made celebrating birthdays even easier. All you need to do is search “birthday” on Neflix and you’ll find the 15 Birthday On-Demand Featurettes made just for your kids, including LEGO Friends, LEGO Ninjago, Barbie, The Beat Bugs, My Little Pony, King Julien, Skylander, Luna Petunia, Pokémon, and more.

I look forward to Peanut’s upcoming fifth birthday. She’ll enjoy watching her favorites wish her a happy birthday along with her special meal that night.

Tell me, how do you celebrate birthdays in your home?




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