Hurrah for Spring

Hurrah for Spring
Ginny loves playing with the bouncy ball. (One of our first days out)

After one of the longest winters on records, a typical Minnesota winter here in Illinois, it is finally spring! I, for one, couldn’t be happier! While I do love snow, by the time March comes, I’m ready for warmer temperatures, flowers, and leaves on trees again. 

As is normal for spring, the temperatures are variable. Some days it’s cold, other days warm, and still others more temperate. On a warmer day, my girls and I try to take advantage of the weather by getting outside. Some days we might go for a walk, other days we might stop and play at a park, and sometimes we just play in the back yard. 

Hurrah for Spring
The view from our seats

What makes a warm day even nicer is when my husband isn’t scheduled to work. Knowing it was supposed to be a beautiful day yesterday, my husband asked if I’d like to go to a baseball game. My eyes lit up at his suggestion and we did just that. We drove down to St. Louis to see my Cardinals play the Cincinnati Reds. It was a great afternoon with our girls at the game. The girls behaved beautifully and had fun. The only downside is that Chris jinxed my team, yet again (nearly every time he comes to a game, the Cardinals lose).  

Hurrah for Spring
Fun at the ball game!

After the game, we met up with a friend of mine from high school and her two little ones for dinner. It was a wonderful day!

Luckily, the warm weather has continued. This afternoon, we spent some time in the backyard. My girls ran around the whole yard playing with their ball, sticks found on the ground, and anything else they could find. Our dog found a bunny rabbit and was hell-bent on eating it, I think. I stopped her, much to her consternation, allowing the bunny to escape her clutches. Daisy Mae spent the rest of our time outside hunting for that bunny. She did not succeed in finding her. (Thank goodness, I really don’t want to clean up bunny remains or explain a dead bunny to my girls.)

Hurrah for Spring
Gracie loved sitting in a chair just her size, after carrying it around the whole yard first.

Soon, this nice weather will come to an end. Storms are expected this weekend along with cooler temps. Of course, the cooler temps will come about the same times my parents arrive from Florida. They love that when that happens. Okay, not so much.


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  1. Baseball is back, yay! I have a 20 game package for the Pirates this season. Went to the home opener a week ago Monday (they beat the Cubs on a walkoff homer by Neil Walker) and again last Saturday (ahem, your Cards beat us, featuring a home run by former Tiger Jhonny Peralta). My next game was scheduled for April 19, but that’s Holy Saturday, and I don’t want to miss the Easter Vigil. So I traded that game in for a Sunday tilt against the Padres in August. Next game, then, will be an inter league match against Toronto on May 3.

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