I Wish I Knew

Have you ever asked yourself, “what would my life be like if I made a different choice?” I ask myself that all the time. I don’t ask because I regret where my life is now, but rather out of curiosity. 

I Wish I KnewIf I could go back and change things about my life, I doubt I would change a thing. I love my life at this moment. Changing the past would change my present. 

That said, looking back at my past 43 years of life, I wish I knew that…

One fight with my best friend would forever end a friendship I valued. (What’s sad is this happened to me twice. Once in high school and once in college.)

I shouldn’t listen to people in high school telling me to be myself all the time. It turns out I was being myself. They just didn’t really know who I was. I kept trying to change to be who they thought I was instead of being true to me.

Jealousy of my sister’s ability to form friendships, with even my friends, was a waste of my energy. Being satisfied with what I had should have been enough.

People I thought liked me and were my friends did not like me as I liked them. They wasted my energy and broke my heart for years until I freed myself from worrying about them.

Going to a fraternity party my sophomore year of college would throw me into a depression and change how I viewed men for many years.

Opening my heart to someone in pain from his broken life would cause me great heartache and the loss of a friendship I once valued.

What I wanted to be when I “grew up.” (Something I still haven’t figured out.)

I should have studied for a Master’s in Library Science not Psychology. I would have made a great librarian.

Dated all the men who asked me out during my senior year of college, but I was a fool staying true to a man who ended up not being true to me.

Apologies are more important than pride.

Asking for help is better than letting your world crash around you.

The stress of my job at Macy’s would push me mentally to my breaking point.

My family would come through for me. All I needed to do was ask for their help. 

How to ask for help when I needed it most.

Trying to kill myself would hurt those who loved me as much as it did. 

Trying to harm myself would lead my sister to make the choices she did as she tried to cope with the pain and anger over what I did.

Fear would stop me from trying to do what I loved more than one time in my life. I should have faced the fear.

Healing is possible with the love and support of friends and family.

I would end up with food poisoning when I went to a seafood festival at Fernandina Beach.

A headache I had when Chris came to visit me in February was not something to be ignored. I should have listened to him and gone to see the doctor earlier that evening instead of making a run to the emergency room later that night.

In the end, despite all the pain I’ve endured and challenges I’ve faced, I’m glad I am where I am today. 

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