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Being pregnant comes with my many joys, one of which is feeling your little angel move. My baby, Sweet Pea, is an active baby who moves a lot, most days. Some days I can just watch her movements by staring at my belly. Other days, I just feel constant kicks. Then there are times like yesterday when it feels like she’s tap dancing on my cervix, a less than pleasant feeling. But just the feeling of movement reassures me that she’s okay. 

This is my seventh pregnancy, but only my third to make it past the first trimester. Now, I’m in the third trimester. I’m also confident it will be my last pregnancy, our last baby. While I love our girls and look forward to Sweet Pea’s arrival, I’m done.

I used to enjoy being pregnant, and in some ways I still do. I still love knowing I have a life growing inside of me. I love feeling a baby move inside of me. I enjoy the anticipation of bringing a blessing into the world.
I'm DoneBut, this pregnancy has been harder on me than the last two, not that those were easy either. With both girls I had awful extended morning sickness. With Grace, my back pain would never fully ease up. I developed sciatica, too.

And, I’m the type of asthmatic whose asthma gets worse every time I’m pregnant. I go from not needing daily meds to needing them. Not only that, but with each pregnancy, my asthma gets worse.  A few months ago, I went to the doctor and he doubled the dosage on a bronchodilator medication I use. It helped, for a while. Now, I struggle to catch my breath some days if I just walk across the house. (And forget grocery shopping, my husband does that chore now.) I tried to improve things on my own, without success. I have an appointment tomorrow with my doctor to discuss further options.

Considering how hard it is for me to breathe now, I can’t imagine how bad my asthma would get for a fourth full-term pregnancy. The thought actually scares me.

Then, there is the glucose screening test I took this past week. I’ve always passed the test in the past and hoped to do the same. I can’t stand the idea of doing the three-hour glucose tolerance test (GTT). But, I failed my screening test. By two lousy points!! It used to be the numbers needed to be lower than 140. My test came in at 132, but they lowered the required level to 130 or below. Ouch! So, this Friday I get to spend at least 3 hours at the lab getting my glucose levels checked. Since I came very close to throwing up the concentrated liquid I was given for the screening, I’m extremely concerned that I won’t be able to keep down the even more concentrated version for the GTT. If that happens, I’ll be forced to do it again. 

Oh, and I learned something interesting this week. The medication I’m using for my asthma could contribute to higher sugar levels showing up on any screening or test. I’ll address that with my doctor on Monday as well as my obstetrician before I take the GTT. 

Because I can’t breathe, because I need to take the GTT, because of morning sickness that never seems to end, and because I’m 43, I’m done. No more pregnancies for me. I plan to enjoy the rest of this one as best I can and relish the parts I love. 

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    1. Thanks so much! I really loved that post. I see myself as a free-range parent, maybe because I was raised that way to some degree. (My mom always knew where we were but didn’t follow us everywhere either). I hope you continue to get positive responses!

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