Involving Children in Household Chores


For the summer months, I plan on spotlighting guest bloggers with the topic Life Without Kids. While this post does not fit that theme, I thought it was a good one to share. It’s a great post about how to involve our children in household chores. 

Kathleen Crane’s day job is a cleaner at CleanersLondon Camden Town and when she gets back home the last thing she would like to do is cleaning again. That’s why she relies on her family to help with the chores.

It is hard to find time for yourself and for your family nowadays, especially when you have a busy schedule. Spending time with your kids is very important but when you also have to think about your regular job, take care of the house and perform a million household chores, you might not be able to find the time. One way to solve this problem is by involving your little ones in your activities. You can turn your chores into a game and share them with your kids. This way you will not only have less things to do by yourself, but will also spend some time with your children while teaching them to be responsible.

Involving Children in Household Chores
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Even though it might be hard to motivate your kids to participate in the cleaning and organisation of the house in which all of you live together, you shouldn’t give up. It is true that children have to play and have fun, but sooner or later they will have to learn to be responsible. Involving them in the household chores is one way to show them how important this is. This gives you the perfect opportunity to teach them valuable things and show them that even the tedious cleaning can be fun when you do it together. Before you present the idea to your children, however, consider the following important things:

• Choose appropriate chores for your little ones –

It is important to give tasks to your kids which they will be able to handle. It all depends on the age of your little ones, their experience with this sort of things and their skills, so make sure that you consider everything carefully. In case your little ones have never cleaned before, it is a good idea to give them something easy in the beginning like the dusting or the washing of the dishes.

• Turn the work into a game –

The cleaning and the other tasks may seem boring for your little ones, so better try to find a way to make them look easier and more fun. One way to do this is to create some kind of game or a competitions between you and your children which will motivate them to work harder. The winner can get a prize or something else, depending on the preferences of your kids.

• Reward your kids for the good job –

Speaking of prizes, you have to come up with ideas on how to reward your kids for their good work. This is the only way you will be able to keep them motivated and make them look forward to the next time they will have to perform a cleaning or another chore again. You can make a chart on which you can mark the progress of your little ones every week.

• Involve all members of the family –

Including as many members of your family as possible in the household chores is a great idea. This way you will not only have less things to perform on your own but your children won’t feel bad that they are the only ones who participate in this process. You will see that you will all have a great time cleaning and organising everything in your home.

In order to keep the household chores organised and make sure that your kids and all other members of your family have their own tasks, you can make a schedule for each day of the week. This way you can be sure that you won’t miss something important like washing the windows or cleaning the fridge. Involving your children in the disinfection of your property is the best thing you can do, which will teach them early that the cleanness of the home is very important.

Would you be interested in guest posting for Jayhawk Mommy? I have a great theme going for summer, LIfe Without Kids, and I’d love to hear your perspective. You can be super creative and imagine your life now without kids or talk about a time before you had children. Also, if you don’t have kids, you can write about that perspective. For more information, please go to my Life Without Kids page to learn how you can submit.

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