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Iowa Travels

Once again, it is Sunday and time for a summary of my week in life and in blogging.

My husband took this past week off of work, which has been wonderful. I married him for a reason and love getting extra time with him. However, we were both busy this week.

As I mentioned last week, we were in Iowa with my in-laws celebrating Christmas. On Sunday, the girls opened their gifts from their grandparents and aunt and uncle. They were thrilled. Ginny received a Doc McStuffins tent and a Minnie Mouse tea set, but her favorite gift was a stuffed “Lambie” from Doc McStuffins. The moment she opened it, she enthusiastically proclaimed, “Lambie!!”, giving it a big hug and asking everyone else to hug her too. Grace was also pleased with her gifts, including a picnic basket and a rocking horse. Of course, her sister has claimed Grace’s gifts as her own, constantly claiming it is her turn on the rocking horse. Toddler rules and all that.

The next day, we took my FIL and MIL back to their home and spent a good portion of our day with them. My husband and I left them with the girls so that we could have a date with each other and get Santa shopping done for our girls. Toward the end of lunch at Carlos O’Kelly’s we got a call from my MIL letting us know that our youngest, Grace, had been crying and screaming since we left. She was willing to deal with it, but wanted to make us aware. We decided to head back and “rescue” Grace. Naturally, just as we pulled into the driveway, my MIL called again letting us know that Toddler #2 fell asleep after all that crying and screaming. We decided to stay and spent the rest of our afternoon visiting before returning to my BILs house that evening.

Then, on Tuesday, we drove the 6 hours home. We made one brief stop near Davenport, IA to have lunch with a friend we met on Catholic Match. We went to Culver’s, picked up some food for everyone, and went to her house. She has 2 adorable little ones, Emma (3) and Owen (20 mo.). We ate, changed diapers, and let Ginny play with Emma for a while as I nursed Grace. Ginny and Emma became quick friends. I wish we lived closer so they could see each other more often.

Once back home and back to reality, we needed to get basics done at home such as grocery shopping and cleaning. I found little motivation to bake early in the week, but did manage to get out and complete all our Christmas shopping for our girls. I told Chris that since I did the shopping, he would get to do all the wrapping. He readily agreed. Yay, me!

Now, we are just eagerly anticipating Christmas Day. I can’t wait to see Ginny’s eyes when she realizes that Santa has visited us. 

Posts I Made This Week

Wednesday: When we spend Christmas with my ILs, we have a different tradition for the Christmas meal, something I like to call, The Christmas Meal Exchange.

Thursday: Are you looking for gift ideas for a toddler? There are only 2 more shopping days left. Maybe my 10 Great Toddler Holiday Gifts blog will help you out.

Saturday: While I had some issues finding motivation to bake, I did manage to bake up some Christmas Sugar Cookies that I cut out with Toddler #1. They are really yummy! (Recipe included, of course)

Blogs of the Week

I really didn’t have much time to read this week, so I have nothing to share. 🙁 

Coming Soon

It is Christmas week! I love this time of year! I’ll have posts about our family Christmas and how we celebrate despite the fact that DH has to work on Christmas day. I’ll also have some posts with recipes for appetizers and perhaps a round-up posts on this year in blogging.

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