It’s a….GIRL!!!

For months, we had fun playing the guessing game as to whether I was pregnant with a baby boy or a baby girl. A lot of people were guessing a boy based on how I was carrying.  I even did the blog where I went over all the old wives’ tales–that leaned toward girl.  A couple weeks before we had our baby I did a poll for my friends on FB asking what they thought.  The majority leaned toward a boy.  I guess we fooled quite a few people because to our incredible surprise and delight, we had a beautiful baby girl–Virginia Sophia.  She was born at 7 pounds 8.8 ounces.  We plan on calling her Ginny.

My c-section wasn’t too awful, but I’m not in a rush for another.  I had a spinal to block the pain.  While the pain is blocked, the sensations of pushing and pulling are not.  The c-section was far from easy and definitely NOT comfortable.  For those out there who decide to get a c-section because they think it is easier and less painful than a vaginal delivery–I would say it is likely you are crazy.  You should try vaginal if that is an option for you.  It wasn’t for me and when we decide to have another baby (if God so blesses us again), I’ll have to do the c-section again.  However, all the discomfort is worth it in the end.

I’ve been home from the hospital for 3 days now.  Sleep has been hit and miss.  I expected that.  What I didn’t expect is that even without sleep, I have more energy now than when pregnant.  What some women might forget or others might not realize is that if you have pregnancy fatigue in your 1st and 3rd trimesters, it can be nearly “debilitating”.  That is kind of strong wording, but the fatigue I had left me with no energy to do much.  More sleep didn’t help either.  I just felt exhausted all the time and then if I got little sleep it was even worse.  Now, the fatigue is gone.  I just have some basic sleep deprivation.  Sleep helps that.  But when I am awake I do have some actual energy.  It feels good to have energy again.  Of course, most of my energy is spent on Ginny now. 🙂

I’m also recovering from the c-section.  I take pain medication every 3 hours–rotating hydrocodone and prescription strength ibuprofen.  If I miss a dose, I’m okay but end up in more pain later.  Tomorrow we go to the doctor to have her remove my staples (I have staples instead of stitches).  Hopefully that isn’t too awful and will help some of the pain deplete (fingers crossed).

The most important and wonderful thing is my lovely daughter.  I can’t believe I’m a mom, but I love her with my whole heart and being.  I would do anything for her.  I just enjoy gazing at her and loving her.

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Hi! I'm Denise, a 40+ year old SAHM trying to navigate the world of motherhood. I blog about parenting, food, and have been featured a few times on BlogHer. I enjoys solving mysteries (Okay..reading mysteries or watching them on TV), cooking, and drinking way too much caffeine than I should. Basically, anything I needs to do to survive the toddler years.



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