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Lego Fun It has been busy and crazy in my house lately (hence why I haven’t posted anything recently). Last Wednesday, my sister, Amy, and her two kids, Kendall and Carson, arrived for a visit during their Spring Break. It was perfect timing, really, because my oldest, Ginny, had Spring Break with her preschool, too. 

With Amy living in Florida, I don’t see her or my niece and nephew as often as I’d like. In fact, the last time I saw them was for Samantha’s baptism in June. So I awaited their arrival with great anticipation. Ginny and Grace (my middle daughter) were so excited that they counted down the days. 

I knew my niece (10) and nephew (8) would not be happy just sitting around our house for four days. We took them to the local children’s museum on Thursday to keep them entertained. But I knew that wouldn’t be enough. So, I decided it would be great fun to drive to Chicago one day to visit a museum and eat Chicago-style pizza. Ha ha. My sleep deprivation got the best of me, I think. 

Early Friday morning, we loaded up my rockin’ minivan and headed to Chicago. About twenty minutes into the trip, the baby, Samantha, started crying. Ten minutes later, I pulled over, nursed her and continued on the trip. Unfortunately, Samantha was still not happy and proceeded to cry for another thirty minutes until she finally fell asleep and napped the rest of the way. 

By the time we parked, had everyone stop in the bathroom, and went through the line to get our tickets into The Field Museum, it was 10:30. So much for leaving at 7:30 for a two-hour drive. We lost an hour dealing with the baby and all the other crap once we arrived. 

Lego Fun

Not too worried, we headed into the museum and started to explore their Greek exhibit since Kendall loves reading books about Greek mythology. When everyone finished going through the exhibit, the kids made it clear they were hungry. My sister and I looked at the time. 11:30. We figured getting lunch then would work for us, gathered everyone and began our walk to Giordano’s for Chicago-style pizza. (Funny thing is that when we mentioned where we were going to a worker at the museum, she said, “Are you sure you want to go that far?” The walk was just over half a mile. No biggie.)

Lego Fun
Waiting patiently for our pizza.
Lego Fun
Carson kept himself entertained as he waited, at Samantha’s expense.

We were seated pretty quickly and placed our order. All of us ordered pizza except my oldest. Ginny decided she wanted the spaghetti. I think we should have followed her lead. They brought out her food and our appetizer within 10 minutes of our order. Our pizzas didn’t arrive for another 45 minutes. We noticed that all the people around us had the same problem with not getting their food in a timely manner. While the pizza tasted great, we were not pleased. What we hoped to be an hour for lunch ended up being two hours. We didn’t get back to the museum until 2 p.m. 

Lego Fun
Worn out from our day in Chicago.

Around 3 p.m. we left the museum to load up our car and head back home. We didn’t want to stay too late. We hoped to avoid Chicago rush hour traffic. I’m not sure if we avoided rush hour traffic or not, though. I do know that we sat in a lot of traffic heading home. After we got past the Chicago traffic, we were passed on the road by a fire truck with lights on and soon discovered it was headed to a major accident on I-55 South. Thankful we weren’t in the accident, we headed home as quickly (and legally) as we could.  (It took three hours going home too. So much for two hours each way.)

Lego Fun
The girls hard at work.

The next day, Saturday, we spent hanging around the house. We didn’t want to be doing too much after a full day on the road. I decided to pull out some Lego kits that had arrived at my house from Netflix a few days before my sister and her family arrived. The kids couldn’t wait to put them together. My nephew, Carson, put together the Lego Bionicle kit by himself (with a little help from my husband, Chris). My girls and their cousin Kendall put together the Lego Friends Birthday Party. It was the first time my daughters had every played with a kit. While it was too hard for Grace, Kendall was very patient with her and made sure she helped in some way. Ginny, on the other hand, loved reading the directions and helping Kendall. Lego fun was definitely had by all!

Lego FunEven better, my girls (and their cousins) can watch their Lego kits come to life on Netflix with their new shows, Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship and Lego Bionicle: The Journey of One. In fact, Ginny and Grace did watch the Lego Friends episodes and loved them. In fact, their only complaint was that there are only two episodes. They wanted more. 

LEGO Friends Slam Dunk Still 3
LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship
LEGO_Bionicle 3
LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One

When you have family, especially kids, come for a visit, how do you keep them entertained?


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