Why I Love Autumn

For seven long years, I lived in Florida. I didn’t move there because I wanted to be in Florida. Nope, I moved there to be closer to my family. At the time, I worked in residence life at different universities. With my job, I lived on campus, was on call often, and didn’t get away from work much. So, in order to have a place to escape to, I decided to move to Florida where my parents and sister lived. 

Why I Love AutumnBefore I found a job and moved, my mother told me, “If you are going to move here, I don’t want to hear you complaining the whole time. Do you understand?” I told my mom I did. I needed the move. 

On one hand, I’m glad I moved there. Being in Florida meant being close to my sister when she got married and gave birth to my niece and nephew. I also found a new career as a 1st grade teacher, helped by Florida’s alternative certification program.  

That said, I did not like Florida, and I don’t want to move there ever again. Florida was just too darn hot (and I lived far north of Miami). It had only two seasons: summer and a short yet weird fall/spring hybrid. And, I hate summer! Don’t let Floridians fool you as they complain about it being cold in winter. Their winter is more like a Midwest late fall day (and that is in Northern Florida).

I left Florida to marry my husband and live in Illinois with him. While Illinois isn’t perfect, it does have all four seasons in abundance, Three out of four of those season aren’t hot either. Bonus! My absolute favorite season is autumn! As summer hits its peak, I smile to myself a bit because I know autumn will be here soon.

Why do i love autumn so much? Here are just a few reasons:

1. The cooling temperatures! Finally I can go outside and enjoy the weather. 

2. Putting on a favorite hoodie or sweater makes me feel all cozy and warm.

3. Baseball playoffs and the World Series

4. My birthday comes around every October as does my husbands.

5. I can turn on my oven without overheating my house (instead, warming it up) and bake to my heart’s desire.

6. The colors on the trees bring a smile to my face.

7. I get to see my girls dressed in their Halloween costumes ready to go Trick-or-Treat! 

8. After the trick-or-treating ends, I have lots of fabulous Halloween candy to munch on, including my favorite, candy corn.

9. My KU Jayhawks start their college basketball season in October.

10. I look forward to eating a feast on Thanksgiving day.

What do you like about autumn?


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  1. Yes indeed to turning on the oven without overheating the kitchen … and setting off a smoke detector. That’s what happens quite frequently at our house during summer – and my husband gets a huge laugh over it every single time. “Cooking again, dear?” he always asks. Ugh! Always glad when Fall puts an end it. 😀
    Marcia @ Blogitudes recently posted…My Love/Hate Relationship With Fall

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