Mommy Needs a Time Out

Have you ever had a day at work where things started well but suddenly went downhill fast? A day where you wanted to go home early or just couldn’t wait to escape? We all have those days, right? As a stay-at-home mom, when I have that type of day, I can’t leave early or escape. All I can do is wait for my husband to come home, and hope he had a good day so I can get a break. 

A couple of days ago, I had one of the worst days with my girls. Well, one of the worst days with my 3-year-old, Ginny. When I was off doing something in another room, she decided to take crayons and color the carpet in her room and in our living room. When I came out to see what she had done, I was horrified and angry. 

Mommy Needs a Time OutMommy Needs a Time OutThere was no time to sit her in time out because we needed to go to her school for registration/fee day. I lectured her as I gave her shoes to wear. I told her how disappointed with her I was and how angry she made me from her actions as I changed her sister’s diaper.  And, as we drove away, I fumed.

Do you ever feel like you are talking to a wall? Yeah, that is what it felt like talking to my 3-year-old. She heard me. I know it because I asked her what she did wrong, but I got the sense that she didn’t care that I was upset. That it meant little to her because she did what she wanted and had fun doing it. There are times that I think 3-year-old children are mini-sociopaths. They have very little empathy or understanding that what they do is wrong.

When we got back from our errand, I gathered up every crayon I could find and threw them in the trash. Satisfied that this problem was dealt with, I started on lunch, heating up a hot dog for my youngest and making a sandwich for Ginny. Things got quiet and as I looked in the living room, I saw Ginny crouched and working. I realized, in that moment, that she had found another crayon and was busy drawing again. Furious, I yanked Ginny into time out and emphasized how we only color on paper, not the floor. 

Once all that was done, I looked around and found two more crayons that I had missed. I threw those in the trash can as well.

After lunch is quiet time in our house. Basically, Ginny refuses to nap any longer so she goes to her room for quiet time while her sister naps elsewhere. I thought things were improving because Ginny stayed quiet in her room and wasn’t pestering me every 20 minutes to come out. Eventually, I told Ginny quiet time was over and she could come out. As she came out, I noticed two things. One, she had put on her fairy dress. The one that has wings so she can pretend to be a butterfly. And, second, she was trying to hide her face. Part of me wanted to laugh because she was doing such a poor job of it. Her little hands could hide the top of her face, but not the rest. 

Mommy Needs a Time Out
Still trying to hide her face.

Ginny clearly knew that she had done something wrong. Why else would she hide? I saw that her face had brown on it. To myself, I thought, “I missed another crayon.” Then, it occurred to me that it could be much worse. Had my daughter decided to spread poop on her face? I hoped not. I encouraged her to come closer. A sense of relief and resignation as I realized it was crayon. Thank goodness. We talked about how she wasn’t allowed to use crayons on anything but paper. She had another time out then I cleaned her up.

Mommy Needs a Time Out
She finally showed me. If you look close, you will notice she colored her teeth too.

At this point, I was worn out from all my efforts to get my oldest to behave. I was done. I let my husband know, via text message, that I was done. It was my turn to cook dinner. I told him we would be eating chips. I needed the rest of the day off. Apparently, my husband misunderstood (or didn’t believe me) and thought that I meant chips would be our side dish. When he got home, he realized I meant I wouldn’t be cooking. I was done for the day. 

We went out for dinner. Chris knew I needed a drink. Since we don’t really have alcohol in our home, I would need to buy it at a restaurant. I got a strawberry daiquiri and let it take the edge off. Since I imagine I will have more days like this in the future (after all, she is 3), I think I will buy a bottle of wine the next time I go shopping. I may need to start drinking more often to survive this stage of parenthood.

Mommy Needs a Time Out
Not my best picture (it kind of sucks), but that drink was fab!

And, now, without further ado, a recap of the week…

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