4 Types of Netflix Viewers

4 Types of Netflix Viewers

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam which means that they pay for the streaming service in exchange for me posting once a month about the service. All opinions are my own.

It’s winter. It’s the season of staying warm and bundled up. And, since it’s too cold to go outside (most of the time), it’s also the perfect time to stay home in your pajamas and do nothing but stream your favorite TV shows. Well, that is, if you don’t have kids who want to watch PBS, Disney, Jr., or Nick, Jr.

I do have kids which means I can’t stream shows as often as I’d like. And because I am a TV addict (Hi, my name is Denise.), I wish I could watch more TV programs I enjoy instead of the latest episodes of Sesame Street, Goldie & Bear, and Sofia the First. But I do find time to stream programs when I can find the time, like at night after they’ve gone to bed and my husband is working his latest string of overnight shifts. 

What I struggle with most is deciding on a show (or movie) to watch. Do I keep streaming a show I started but haven’t finished? Do I try something new? Or do I rebel and stream a movie? With so much to choose from on Netflix, it can be hard to make a decision.4 Types of Neflix Viewers

One thing I have noticed is that there are four distinct Netflix personality types! Which one are YOU?

Serial Binger


These streamers watch one series at a time. They stick with the show they are watching until they watch every single episode, even if that means they are watching Law & Order: SVU for years as they go through over 300 episodes. 

Movie Watcher


TV shows? What TV shows? These people watch only the movies. They were thrilled when they learned that Netflix made a deal with Disney because it meant an even better selection including films like Captain America: Civil War and Zootopia.

Series Surfer


These viewers are not as committed as the Serial Binger. They get bored just watching one show so they watch multiple. If you ask what they’re currently streaming, they will give you a list. In fact, I fall in this category. My current list includes Ripper Street, iZombie, The Blacklist, The Walking Dead, The Magicians, Arrow, and Longmire. 

Fickle Fan


Decisions are hard for these streamers. They jump around constantly. They rarely, if ever, finish a series. They like checking out all that Netflix has to offer, but don’t understand how anyone can binge a show in full. You can’t blame them. There is a lot to choose from like A Series of Unfortunate Events, Frontier, Penny Dreadful, The West Wing, The Crown, and more. 

So, what type of streamer are you? Do binge one series at a time? Surf around? Watch only movies? Or something else entirely?

4 Types of Netflix Viewers



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