Night Terrors, Snow, and a Mole

Being a parent means variation in your day, every single day. It may feel the same at times: same fights, same whines, same laughs, same messes. It isn’t though. There is always something new. In the last 24 hours, my life at home got a bit interesting with night terrors, snow, and a mole. Quite the combination, right? 

Night Terrors, Snow, and a Mole
You guessed it, the mole!

The first time Ginny had a nightmare she was around a year old. At least, we thought it was a nightmare. Over the last two and half years, she’s had these nightmares at least once a month; sometimes more often, sometimes less. She always seems to be awake; her eyes open and she’d respond to our questions.  Believing these incidents to be nightmares, we would do what we could to comfort her and get her back to sleep.

Last night, an hour after going to sleep, Ginny woke sobbing uncontrollably. Her eyes were open as tears streamed down her face. I tried getting her to come to me, but she didn’t respond so I pulled her to me. It was then that I realized that she wasn’t awake. She wasn’t really seeing me. As I tried to calm her, she told me what was wrong, but nearly every word sounded like gibberish. Then, we moved to where she was sleeping on the floor (yes, my 3-year-old sleeps on the floor…we can’t convince her to sleep in her bed) and laid down together. Within seconds she drifted into a peaceful sleep.

As I looked at her sweet face, I realized that my daughter hasn’t been experiencing nightmares for the last couple years. She’s had night terrors. I don’t know that the knowledge changes anything, but it is something we will bring up with her doctor for her next wellness visit.

You would never know that anything happened last night by Ginny’s face this morning. It was bright and hopeful. 

“Mommy!! It’s snowing! Let’s go outside!” 

Grace, her younger sister, looked at me, smiled, and said, “Mommy!” It’s the simple things really.

The girls were eating breakfast their dad made for them this morning, some oatmeal. Ginny wasn’t satisfied though. “I’m still hungry. Mommy, I’m really hungry. I need more to eat.” So, as my husband left for work, I toasted up a couple of waffles for my little hobbit so she could have her second breakfast. (Sometimes she has 3 or 4 servings, depending on her mood and how much she didn’t eat the night before.)

Grace finished her oatmeal and wandered off to play with a toy, as I let Ginny know that we would go outside later. Satisfied (with both her breakfast and my assurances), Ginny happily gobbled up her waffles.

For a couple of hours this morning, the girls built tents and played as we watched a few things on Netflix (well, the original plan was to watch Disney, Jr. but the snow on the satellite made it difficult to use DirecTV this morning). 

Around 9:30 this morning, I noticed a lull in the snow.  Perfect timing! I got up and put on some socks, then busied myself with gathering socks, snow pants, and boots. Then, each girl taking turns, I bundled them up to go outside and made sure to bundle myself. 

Night Terrors, Snow, and a Mole
Daisy loves snow! She loves running in it the most!

As we got ready to head out in the snow, Daisy Mae, our energetic and lovable dog, nipped at our heels a bit, in anticipation of going out in the snow. Daisy loves snow! Considering that the dog was born and raised in Florida, I find it remarkable that she fell in love with snow the first time she saw it. 

All bundles with coats, hats, and gloves, we headed out to the back yard to play in the snow. I brought with me a long stick (okay, an extended paint roller frame with paint roller on it) so I could knock off the snow sitting on our satellite. While the girls started playing in the snow, I pushed off the snow. Naturally, most of the snow fell on my face as I did so. Once I completed my task, I joined the girls in playing with the snow. 

Night Terrors, Snow, and a MoleAt first, Grace did not seem happy about being in the snow, much less touching it. She stuck it out though and walked in the snow, examining the white stuff on the ground. 

Then, I heard Ginny cry out. She fell. Of course, she fell on her dad’s snow board, a tool he uses to measure the snow. Doing so meant that it knocked off all the snow and any possible measurements he could have gotten on recent snowfall. (Sorry, honey!)

Night Terrors, Snow, and a Mole
Ginny making her own snowman.

To keep Ginny away from the snow board (because it was too tempting not to play on it), I decided we should work on building a snowman. The snow was nice and wet. Perfect! Ginny helped me as I tried to roll the snow to create the base. Grace just watched and started building her own snowman, I think. I was pleased to see she didn’t mind playing in the snow anymore.

Eventually, snowman made. I ran into the house and grabbed two grapes, one carrot, and red licorice to make the face. While working on the face, I noticed Daisy busy sniffing out an area that had been cleared by rolling snow. I tried to encourage her to move on, convinced she would become a muddy mess if she kept at it. Soon it became clear what had Daisy on the hunt. I looked on the ground near the snowman and Daisy was pawing at something small and dark. I thought it was a mouse, but when I looked at it again, I realized it was a baby mole. 

Night Terrors, Snow, and a MoleDaisy would not be stopped. She wanted the mole. She would capture the mole, even if it meant crawling under the deck, which she did. 

At this point, the girls and I headed back inside, but Daisy refused to come in. She was determined to get the mole. I’m not sure if she did or not. After 30 minutes of chasing the mole, she stood at the back door ready to come in, a muddy, dirty, wet mess. 

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing my piece.

    I kinda hope that the baby mole was okay. And I hope the doc can shed more light on the night terrors. They don’t sound like any kind of fun, but at least they aren’t remembered in the morning.
    Considerer recently posted…Grief on a bicycle

  2. I popped over here via a tweet by miss Lizzi Considerer. It was the night terrors part that drew me. Our daughter had exactly two of them when she was very small. Just like you described – eyes open, not awake. We did talk with the pediatrician about them, too. She only ever had the two and none since (knocks wood) and none since. They are bizarre. The good part about them (if there is one) is what you said – they are not remembered. I was always grateful for that. Something else we learned was not to engage with the person having one or touch them.
    Hope they don’t continue or at least that your doc can be of some help.
    Lisa @ The Meaning of Me recently posted…Pardon Me, My 70s Are Showing

  3. I had night terrors as a kid and my dad told me the stories of how I would wake up (I was probably around 4 and they ended when I was about 7) and be talking in another language (almost like backwards gibberish) with eyes wide open. I never apparently recalled it either the next day. He would usually lay with me until I’d fall back to sleep. I really never thought much of it to be honest and so far I have never experienced this with either of my own girls. Still I hope you can get to the bottom of it for your daughter. Also, on a side note as much as I am not a snow fan, the pics above totally made me smile and truly sounded like your kids had a blast.
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Put Some Hearts in Your Coffee – 5 Ways to Show Love To Your Spouse

  4. Two of my kids, Princess and Boo, have night terrors. Worst. Thing. Ever. as far as night time parenting goes. Trying to get through to them when they’re stuck wherever they are is horrifying. Boo’s are especially difficult. Any touching him provokes screaming and hysterics. All I can do is stand there, like a jackass in a hailstorm, talking to him, until he breaks free. Uuuuugh.
    The Imp recently posted…To The Woman With The Bruises

    1. Yeah. I hate them too. Part of me worries that my oldest will wake her sister in the middle of one (she hasn’t yet, which surprises the hell out of me). But another part is just grateful that once it is over she falls back to a restful sleep quickly and never remembers. I also appreciate the fact that her younger sister doesn’t have them….yet.

  5. Is your mole still around? Those little critters can really tear up a yard with their tunnel digging – I have a friend who is battling a mole takeover right now – she has dogs but they can’t catch them…maybe a cat could?
    Liz recently posted…A Guide to Knife Edges

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