Nothing Says Romance Like 11 Hours in a Minivan

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, or so I’ve heard. I love Valentine’s Day. I’m cheesy like that, and I never curse the holiday (well, since I met my husband). While my husband, Chris, and I try to show romance with each other every day, we both enjoy giving each other extra attention every February 14th.

That said, our Valentine’s Day this year did not go as it normally does. Soon after Chris woke from his last overnight shift on Friday, we piled everyone into our minivan to head south to visit my parents in Florida. Since we didn’t get on the road until 11:30 a.m., we only made it as far as Murfreesboro, TN before stopping for the night. 

The next morning, Valentine’s Day, we all woke early, got dressed and exchanged Valentine’s treats. I got lovely cards from my husband and girls as well as three fabulous sugary treats (Mike & Ike’s, Jolly Rancher Gummy treats, and Werther’s). I gave my husband a card as well as a box full of chocolates. Our girls loved their cards (which they found the day before and opened without permission) and their Valentine necklaces. Then, we left Murfreesboro for Jacksonville, FL at 6:30 a.m.

We knew it would be a long day. We had no idea how long. Between random traffic jams, lots of construction in Georgia, and moody girls, we eventually made it to my parents’ house by 6:45 p.m. Nothing says romance like 11 hours in a minivan with two girls in car seats. 

Nothing Says Romance Like 11 Hours in a Minivan
Before lunch, Ginny ran to the top of the hill and declared, “I’m the King of the World.” (She’s never seen Titanic, FYI.)

Instead of finding a sitter and going out alone for a meal, we sat at a Chili’s with our girls somewhere south of Atlanta making sure they ate their food and didn’t cause a ruckus. Instead of enjoying time at a movie, we got to watch our children fight over toys.

We came prepared for the trip. I brought activities to keep our girls occupied, mainly drawing activities. They would enjoy them for 5-10 minutes and ask for a new one. I stopped that pretty quickly telling them they would have to play with them longer before they got something different. I can now see the benefit of having a built-in DVD system for a minivan; however, I still can’t justify paying $5,000 extra for that feature. In a year or so, before our next trip, we’ll get our girls portable DVD players to help keep them entertained. That said, I’m sure they’ll still find something to fight or complain about.

While we had moments of frustration, our girls behaved pretty good considering they spent 17 hours in the minivan over the course of two days. And, while it may not have been the ideal Valentine’s Day, we did get a lot of together time. 

Later this week, my husband and I will leave our girls in the care of their grandparents and go out for our Valentine’s date together. We’ll take romance when and where we can get it.

Now, on to my recap of the week…

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