Plus-Size Pregnancy

Plus-Size Pregnancy

I am a plus-size pregnant momma-to-be having a plus-size pregnancy.  I’m not necessarily proud of that fact.  I wish I had started off thinner and had never gained the weight I did in the first place; however, it is a fact of my life, for now at least.

There are some challenges to being a plus- size pregnant woman, namely clothing.  In my small community, there is only one store with one rack of plus-size maternity wear, Sears.  I’ve never been a fan of Sears’ clothing (despite their ads, etc….it always seems to be mainly polyester) and their maternity selection, on that one rack, for a plus-size woman is the worst.  Finding a store that actually carries plus-size maternity wear inside their store and not just on the website is REALLY difficult.  It is quite ridiculous actually.  And many stores that may carry plus-size clothing in general, do not offer plus size maternity wear.

I take one of two messages from this.  Either, (1) Plus-size women aren’t attractive enough to hope for sex much less hope to get pregnant, or (2) plus-size women don’t need maternity clothes since what they have is big enough already.  It really irritates the crap out of me!  Honest to goodness.  I wish I had some gumption (and business talent/designing abilities) because I think I could make a good money designing and selling plus-size maternity wear.  There are many plus-size women out there, like me, who would like fashionable clothes in the first place and to have some fashionable maternity wear.  But, unfortunately, it is hard to find.

I got some of my maternity wear (at the store even) at a Motherhood Maternity in a different town (and later online).  I bought some basics (like long-sleeve Ts and turtlenecks that were less expensive than Motherhood) from JcPenney online.  I have seen all sorts of cute clothes, but none came in my size so I’ve had to make do with the selection I have — which is very limited.

A new issue I have run into is finding a nursing bra to fit me now.  This struggle goes beyond being plus-size. I know women who aren’t plus-size who have issues with this as well.  While I’ve been pregnant, I’ve been able to get regular bras at Lane Bryant since they do carry my size (and larger).  However, a maternity bra was out of the question because even Motherhood didn’t carry my size.

Now, I need a couple of nursing bras to get me started once the baby comes in 6 weeks.  I’ll be quite honest about my size….I believe I will need a 40H or possibly 40I (I’m currently in 40DDD).  I’ve tried online looking at JcPenney.  Not even they carry my size.  They stop at DDD (E).  I’ve even tried Motherhood, and nada. I recently went to a breastfeeding class held at the hospital and the instructor told those of us who were large-busted to come up and talk to her at a break. She gave us the name of  two stores that we could use.  Of course, the closest store was1 1/2 hours away and the other was an hour and 45 minutes away.  Apparently, finding anything above a cup size DD is hard to find.  I felt especially bad for a woman who said she started the pregnancy as a 38H.  I can only imagine how hard it is for her now, knowing how hard it is for me.

I wonder what stores are thinking when they don’t sell clothing for plus-size pregnant women, much less having a variety of larger maternity bra cups available to women.  Do they really think that the only women to get pregnant are skinny minnies?  Really?  Or that a plus-size pregnant woman is satisfied with staying in regular plus-size clothing?  I wasn’t.  It was cheaper for me clothing-wise to get maternity pants and shirts that have allowed my body to grow without having to buy bigger sizes the whole way through.  As for bras, do they really believe that women never get larger than a DD or DDD when pregnant?  Do the designers really operate this way too?  It really annoys me to no end.

Anyhow, my lovely husband will drive with me an hour and a half away in a couple of days so we can see if I can find a bra.  Hopefully, it won’t cost too much, but I doubt it.  Apparently finding something my size is rare so it will likely cost a lot.  Lovely.


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  1. Hi Denise, I work at an upscale Maternity/postpartum boutique in Boulder, CO. I was going to suggest that in regards to a nursing bra that’ll fit….. Look for the Bravado Essential Embrace. This particular style by Bravado is sold by band/cup size (as opposed to the S, M, L, XL with other styles/makers). The bra can be ordered up to a 42 band, and an L/M cup. Plenty big enough for you. The Bravado Original is a pull over style nursing bra that also comes in larger sizes. The band runs big, and they make a + and ++ cup size option. The bra might not offer as much support, but it does have nursing clips in the front for easy access, and acts as a great sleep bra, since there aren’t the clips in the back to bother you when you lie down.

    As far as “maternity” bras go….there really isn’t any such thing. Breasts grow and fluctuate in size during pregnancy, and since you won’t know your ultimate size until your milk comes in postpartum, I always just suggest to our mommas-to-be that they find a regular bra that fits them well now, perhaps with a little room to grow in the cup, or a bra made out of microfiber that has a stretchy cup. No sense in spending the extra money for a specialty bra that isn’t going to do anything more for you than something from Kohl’s.

    As a bigger gal myself, I understand how frustrating finding cute maternity clothes can be. Our store never stocked anything over a Large, which typically works out to a size 10/12. I had to send so many women away.

    1. Thanks Angela for taking the time to comment! I wrote this piece 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest. Now, I’m pregnant with my third. I’ve since found bras online I can buy in my size, but it irritates me that plus-size women are forced to go online instead of being allowed to try things on at a local store. It really makes me wonder about the motivation. I was particularly frustrated when I wrote this because I wasn’t sure of my sizes and what would fit me well until I tried the clothes and sizes first. I find it a shame that even your store won’t even carry an XL much less plus sizes.

      As for the bras specifically, I hate pull over bras. When you are a generous cup size (this time around I’m guessing I’ll be a 38G or 38H), you want a lot of support. Pull overs don’t usually give you the support you desire. I’m pretty sure, though, that Bravado and another brand carry larger cup sizes in a regular fit bra. Thanks again! 🙂 recently posted…10 Incredibly Random Facts About Me

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