Raising Little Jayhawks

If you haven’t figured it how from my blog name or my Facebook page, I am KU Jayhawk. Before anymore confusion comes in, KU stands for The University of Kansas; not Kentucky which is designated UK. 

Raising Little JayhawksNow, for those not in the know, you might not realize how remarkable it is that I am a KU Jayhawk. After all, I am not from Kansas.  My family is from the St. Louis area. My mom went to the University of Missouri for one year, one of KU’s rivals (at least it was until recently). Her younger sister and one of her younger brothers graduated from Mizzou. Early on, my Uncle Dan gave me a Missouri sweatshirt to encourage me to be a Tiger someday. It didn’t stick. 

Raising Little Jayhawks
Before I was 2 years old, attempts were made to make me a Mizzou Tiger…those attempts failed!

As a high school senior, when I visiting KU and MU campuses, I fell in love with Lawrence and the atmosphere on the KU campus. There was nothing wrong with the Mizzou campus. I just didn’t fall in love with it or the town. Because of this, it became my back up school. (And to be honest, my mom understood because she fell in love with the town of Lawrence, KS, too.)

From that moment on, only solidified once I started college at KU in August 1989, I have been a tried and true KU fan. I love my Jayhawks, my alma mater, with my heart and soul. 

Raising Little Jayhawks
Gracie wanted to dress like a Jayhawk, too!

Naturally, I would love it if my girls would choose to be Jayhawks when they are older. I’m raising little Jayhawks, I hope. I’ve been singing the alma mater to them since they were babies. Ginny already can sing along, some what. They have learned the Rock Chalk chant; Ginny will do it with me and Grace giggles as we chant. (Did I mention that Ginny loves waving the wheat already too?) I also have a book I read to them one of their favorite books, The Three Little Jayhawks, a story based on the three little pigs with the Mizzou Tiger in the role of the big bad wolf. And, as they get older, I hope to take them to games when we can (since we live in Illinois it isn’t an easy feat). 

I am realistic. I know that by the time they are teenagers, they will likely choose any school but the one Mom loves, but I have hope. After all, my cousins who were raised to be Mizzou fans went to Mizzou. It would be awesome if my girls chose to go to KU and became full-blown Jayhawks! 

Raising Little Jayhawks
Ginny is waving the wheat for me! 🙂

Until then, we will root for KU in the NCAA tournament this March by doing the Rock Chalk chant, waving some wheat (I hope), and singing the alma mater! 

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  1. I feel the same way about my alma mater, Penn State University, especially living here in Michigan (way too close to um except for B1G Ten sports events here and at MSU). I understand the loyalty, so all my best to you and them as they grow older.

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