Rodan + Fields Final Review and Giveaway

This review is part III in a 3-part series. If you would like to read the first two parts of the review, follow the links below:

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 Sixty days ago, I started an experiment of sorts. Amy Hogue, a consultant for Rodan + Fields and my sister, asked me to review the skin care line for my blog. I was reticent at first for a few reasons; the main one being that if it didn’t go well, I didn’t want to upset Amy.

Rodan + Fields Final Review and Giveaway
60 days ago, when I started.

You see, when I see any product advertised as a “miracle” product, I am skeptical. I don’t believe that any product is miraculous. There are products that work and products that don’t. And, I approached this experiment with that same bit of skepticism. 

Coming from a scientific background (okay, research psychology), I attempted to stay true to each part of the experiment. I tried to take pictures with the same lighting and same angles. I wasn’t 100% effective on that count, but I did what I could. I also followed every step of the regimen as it was outlined for me. 

 To start, I had to use the computer and use the solution tool. My main area of concern was wrinkles (I am over 40) and my secondary concern was acne (pregnancy acne, I might add). The tool determined that we needed to deal with my secondary concern the most and said I should use the Unblemish line of products which included Acne Wash, Clarifying Toner, Dual Intensive Acne Treatment, and Oil Control Lotion. It also recommended two products for the wrinkles in the Redefine line: Overnight Restorative Cream and Night Renewing Serum. 

At first, I had problems with the products. Using them was easy enough, but they dried out my normal to dry skin badly. I let Amy know I was having issues. She told me to stop using the oil control lotion because it was the likely culprit drying out my skin. Then, she sent me the Soothe Moisture Replenishing Cream. Within days of using the new cream, my skin improved. It was no longer dry and flaking. 

Rodan + Fields Final Review and Giveaway
60 days later

While my sister acted as a fantastic consultant in addressing my problems, I do have concerns about how Rodan + Fields “prescribed” my skin care line. While I did note that I had breakouts with 5 acne or more, my primary concern was wrinkles, not acne. Additionally, I have normal to dry skin and was clear on that when I used the solution tool. Even knowing that the products dry the skin even more, Rodan + Fields had me use products that dry the skin out. I find that problematic. First off, I feel that my primary concern (the wrinkles) was basically ignored in favor of treating my secondary concern. Also, if the products are that drying to the skin, the company needs to reconsider treating acne the same way for normal to dry skin as they do for normal to oily skin.Rodan + Fields Final Review and Giveaway

Rodan + Fields Final Review and Giveaway


Now, the goal for using the products was to use the whole Unblemish skin care regimen twice a day, every day. I was never able to do that. In fact, I stopped using the Unblemish line at night about 2 weeks ago so that my skin would not be overly dry for the review and pictures today. Had I had more time, I would have brought the problem to my sister to help find a solution. 

Rodan + Fields Final Review and GiveawayMy goal in using these products was to see a reduction in wrinkles. Since I was only using two products from the line to work on that issue, I don’t believe there has been much improvement in that area. That said, I don’t think I helped matters because I’ve lost weight since I started doing this in January. (I’m unusual…when I’m pregnant, I lose weight.) So, my wrinkles are a bit more highlighted because I have less fat filling them out. Yay? Rodan + Fields Final Review and Giveaway

I must say that I have had no acne outbreaks while using Rodan + Fields. Well, I had one zit, but it went away quickly. Since the products I was given had the goal of doing away with acne, it achieved that goal. In fact, I would actually call the products pretty amazing with that. I don’t recall a time in my life where my skin has been this clear of acne. Miraculous? Perhaps. 

Rodan + Fields Final Review and Giveaway
I had acne on my chin and marks, but no acne there since and most marks have faded.

Despite any problems I’ve faced with the products, they are good products. My skin feels softer and looks good, particularly my pores which have gotten much smaller. The skin care line is expensive, but if you have the money to invest in it, I would recommend Rodan + Fields. Just keep in mind your skin type and recommendations given on the skin solution tool. The only recommendation I would give is to avoid the full Unblemish regimen if you have normal to dry skin like I do (or at least be ready to buy more products if it dries out your skin too much). 

Rodan + Fields Final Review and Giveaway
I decided I needed to have one photo of me in full makeup. This “naked” business was getting old. 😉


Rodan + Fields Final Review and Giveaway
Here’s the giveaway!!! The total value of these 2 products is about $150!

A little over two weeks ago, my sister sent me a thank you gift for doing the review: Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream and Enhancements Micro-dermabrasion Paste. I started using the products, and I really do like them. And, guess what, my sister is giving those same products away to one lucky winner in a giveaway!! It will give you a chance to try Rodan + Fields products for yourself. 

All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment! Easy right? The contest will end on March 23 at 11:59 p.m., and I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, March 24.  

What areas of your skin do you want to see improvement?

If you would like more information on Rodan + Fields or would like to buy their products, please contact Amy Hogue. She would be more than happy to act as your consultant! She was the most amazing part of the experience! 

***Thank go to my sister, Amy Hogue, a consultant for Rodan + Fields, for providing the skin care products in exchange for this review. Although I received these products free of charge, all opinions expressed are my own.***


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  1. Oooohhh, I am so intrigued. My teenage son is dealing with acne right now and I was thinking of taking him to the dermatologist to be looked at. I just don’t want him to feel self conscious or be teased about it. After reading this I’m wondering if I should look into it for him. As for me? I am always desperate for help with my eyes. I have always had circles and bags under my eyes and now I’m having that lovely upper eyelid drooping. Ugh. And I’ve always been a minimalist with my skin care and now at my ripe old age I’m seeing the need to do more.
    Gretchen Kelly recently posted…The Problem With Girls In Math And Science

    1. I do think the Unblemish line would work for your son if that’s the case, provided he doesn’t have dry skin (although, I don’t think many teens do). If he has dry skin, I would at least suggest using the Acne Wash and Dual Action Treatment. Oh, and doesn’t aging suck sometimes? I’m really liking the eye cream. It’s been gentle and keeps that area hydrated in a positive way.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to win some R+F goodies! My gf sells their products and loves them. I’ve been thinking of trying their soothe line, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Your skin looks great, thanks for the review!

  3. Thanks for sharing this review. I’ve been curious about Rodan & Fields products. I’ll have to do more research about their ingredients. Hopefully I’ll win and can do up-close-and-personal research! 🙂
    Dr. Pamela Reilly recently posted…By: Mary

  4. I’m not sure I could have done those close-ups for all the world to see. It’s great to see a review that doesn’t just say what the manufacture would want to hear.

    1. That was my least favorite part about the whole thing. I learned, though, that my left side is my good side, not my right. LOL! Thanks for that comment though. I believe in being honest in a review. I’m glad you appreciated that.

  5. While only using two products at this time, I’m very impressed with the quality and the results. I also believe it is difficult to get a true skin consultation simply by reading about products that offer solutions to your own facial/skin needs. Amy has a wealth of knowledge about the skin line, a consultation of sorts with her would be the best approach to determine what’s best for your skin. I think the products I’m using are the best I’ve used.

    1. Just so you know, I consulted with my sister, Amy, on the phone as she filled out the solution tool. While doing it from a distance isn’t ideal, I stand by my statements and concerns with Rodan + Fields treating my secondary concern as a primary issue and giving a product that dries out skin to someone with normal to dry skin. My sister did a great job in addressing the issues I had, which I did state in the review. That said, the products I used did do as they said they would. Overall the products themselves are good products.

  6. I love the Rodan + Fields products and was a consultant for awhile (just didn’t have time to keep up with it). I would love to get some Reverse to help fade my sun damage (being a Floridian is great for the soul, rough on the skin!) great review.

  7. You look great! I am always skeptical of products that claim to transform, but Rodan + Fields really does work. My current main skin concerns are dryness and wrinkle prevention. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

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