Setting Goals

Ginny in her sunglasses saying “walk, walk!”

Last night, I dreamt that when I woke up I was thin. No, not just thin, but skinny and looking good. I couldn’t believe it and kept looking at my waist line to make sure it was real. I felt a bit of a thrill. Then, I woke up. It was just a dream. Unfortunately, this dream did not come true upon waking. I was my usual fat self. Not what I was hoping for in the least.

Once I woke and thought about my dream, it reminded me that I want to get in shape and, hopefully, lose some weight. I don’t believe in dieting. I believe in exercise. In the past, when I have lost weight, I did it mainly through exercise. My eating did change, as well, because my body craved healthier foods when it was getting healthy and in shape. I would naturally start drinking more water, and ate less junk and more healthy food. The hard part is just getting started and in that exercise habit again.

I want to get in better shape for a few of reasons.

  •  I’m tired of looking in the mirror and seeing my fat self. I hate my double chin. I want it gone! Even if I don’t get thin, at least I will look better in general if my body is in good shape.
  • After 2 full-term pregnancies, my back is pretty weak. My whole body is weaker in many ways. I want to feel strong.
  • Chris and I haven’t decided whether or not we are going to try for a third child. We won’t make that decision for a few more months. If we decide to go for it, I want to weigh a bit less and be stronger, especially in my abs and back, so that I will hopefully have one less risk factor to face. Being over 40 is tough enough, but being obese, out of shape and over 40 will be hell on my body and psyche.
  • If we don’t try to have another child, then hopefully I can be in good shape and weighing less before menopause begins.
Now I am setting goals for myself. I am not a believer in being obsessed by numbers like weight or size, although sometimes it is hard not to be. Instead, I am focusing on a different type of number, a different kind of goal. Fitness goals.
To get in shape, I plan on walking around my neighborhood or at a local park every other day while pushing the double stroller carrying my girls. I want to go on as many 5Ks as I can handle in the next few months. I did my first one in four years this past Saturday, the Fat Ass 5K in Springfield. I was unable to finish it. However, I did complete one lap plus went a bit further, doing about 2 miles.
Grace was content the whole walk.
I’m quite proud of myself. I’m also using that 2 miles as my baseline. Two miles is where I started. I need to surpass that the next time. My next 5K is coming up on June 8, the Color Blaze 5K. It is a hillier course. I want to complete it, but as long as I do more than 2 miles, I will have achieved something.
This morning I restarted my training for the next 5K. I pushed my daughters in the stroller for a mile long walk this morning. Luckily, the baby doesn’t mind going for a walk, and my toddler LOVES going for walks. In fact, as I paused to take a couple of pictures this morning, my two-year-old got annoyed with me. She wanted to keep going and kept chanting “walk, walk” until I started up again. Then, she had a huge grin on her face for the rest of the walk.
I hope to increase my distance and speed in time. I just need to push myself. I know I can achieve my goals! So, on Saturday, don’t be surprised if you see me pushing the stroller again as I continue to work toward those goals.

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