Simon & Garfunkel Roast Chicken

I have a confession to make. Please don’t judge. I love chicken, but I do not like dark meat and neither does my husband. Awful, right? When we buy chicken, we don’t save on buying thighs because we almost always buy chicken breast. 

Simon & Garfunkel Roast ChickenHowever, I do love a roast chicken and just roasting the breasts isn’t the same. And now that our girls are older, we can give them all the dark meat. That’s fair, right? I also will cut up any remaining meat from the roast chicken to use in recipes that call for cooked chicken. Win, win for me.

Recently, I was craving roast chicken.  I considered making my typical chicken, but found myself inspired to create something new. I thought I was being clever and my husband thought I was being cheesy. Hey, whatever works. I decided to create Simon & Garfunkel Roast Chicken, based off their song “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, & Thyme”. (Of course, I ended up googling the idea after I made the chicken and discovered I’m not as creative as I thought. Sigh.)  

A roast chicken is super easy to make. I started by preheating my oven to 375°. Then, as it was heating up, I cleaned out the chicken and cleaned it. Once that was done, I melted a stick of unsalted butter. I added 2 tsps of parsley and sage, 1 tsp of rosemary and thyme, and 1 Tbsp of lemon juice. I mixed everything together. 

Simon & Garfunkel Roast Chicken
Basting the chicken before putting it in the oven to roast.

Now, I put the chicken on a broiler pan to roast (with the bottom lined with aluminum foil).* I salted and peppered the chicken first. Then, I basted it with my spice mixture and put it in the oven. Every 20 minutes I basted my chicken as it roasted for the next 2 hours, until the bird reached 175° internally. (If the chicken gets too brown, you can cover it with aluminum foil.)

Simon & Garfunkel Roast ChickenThe chicken turned out amazing! It was moist and delicious! Just the way I like it! 

*I find using the broiler pan is a great way to catch all the juices so you can make a fabulous gravy if you so desire.

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  1. We’re the same way about dark meat. Makes for a lucky dog in our family. Either that or a lucky neighbor with kids who somehow never wondered how their chickens have so many extra legs lol. And yes, it seems next to impossible to have an “original” idea. No matter how strange something I come up with might sound, sure enough, I’ll Google it and at least one or two things pop up. Oh well … 😉 [#TastyTuesdays]
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