Skin Experiment: Rodan + Fields Review Part I

I’m one of those people who avoid everyone who sells stuff on Facebook. You know the people I’m talking about? From Thirty-One (or is it Thirty-Two? I’m not sure) to Essential Oils to Norwex to Pampered Chef, I’m not interested. Some of my friends of mine on Facebook seem to be in constant sales pitch mode, too, leading me to skip their status. (I don’t blame them; they are trying to earn some money.) 

Recently, my sister, Amy, joined this club of women (at least all of my friends selling stuff are women) selling products. I don’t know how she found time to do it. Between selling houses, raising two busy children, being active in Junior League, and finding time to spend with her husband, she decided to start selling products from a skin care line. At first, I treated this new development like I do my other friends. I ignored it. I skimmed by her posts. 

Then, one day Amy sent me an email with a proposal. She wanted me to review the skin care line on my blog. I’ll be honest. My automatic instinct was to say no. I’m not a beauty blogger and wasn’t sure it would fit here. However, after much thought, I reconsidered. Why? Well, she’s my sister, of course. (If anyone else had asked, I likely would have said no.)  We discussed what I would do, and I decided to take the challenge and review the products. We’ll call it my skin experiment. 

My Skin Care Regimen

When it comes to taking care of my skin, I’m pretty basic and always have been. At night, I wash my face with Noxema with Aloe followed by moisturizer. In the morning, I use a non-alcohol based toner from L’Oreal and moisturize (with SPF 15). Admittedly, since having my girls, I’ve gotten a bit lax about taking care of my skin. I’m usually exhausted at the end of the day and go straight to bed. I’m in a rush to take care of the girls after I wake up so I rush through everything, often skipping my skin. Bad girl! The idea of taking on a new skin care regimen seems a bit overwhelming.

Rodan + Fields

My sister and I decided I will do a three-part series on my review of the skin care line by Rodan + Fields: an introduction, a mid-way progress report, then a final review and evaluation plus a giveaway. Rodan and Fields are two doctors who created Proactiv®, you know, the commercials you see with Adam Levine and a few others. They say their line of products is dermatology-based skin care. 

Skin Experiment: Rodan + Fields Review Part ITo get started, I had to complete what they call a solution tool to decide what my skin care needs are. I found this a bit hard to do. The tool itself was easy to use, but I found it hard to decide on my biggest concern versus my secondary concern. I’m getting older so I’m starting to have lots of concerns, unfortunately. I decided that my biggest concern was wrinkles and my secondary concern was acne, something that developed after getting pregnant. 

Skin Experiment: Rodan + Fields Review Part I
All the products that I was sent.

The Rodan+Fields solution tool determined that I needed to use Unblemish Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash, Clarifying Toner, Dual Intensive Acne Treatment, and Oil Control Lotion as well as Redefine Night Renewing Serum and Overnight Restoration Cream.

Tonight, I will start this new skin care regimen. In 30 days, I’ll let you know how the regimen is going and even show follow-up photos. Then, two months from now, I will do one last follow-up and hold a Rodan + Fields giveaway.

So, to begin, I need to show you my before pictures. Please don’t judge my 43-year-old skin too harshly. After all, I’m not wearing makeup. 

Close up of my face (and pores…ugh):

Skin Experiment: Rodan + Fields Review Part I


Close up of my eyes:

Skin Experiment: Rodan + Fields Review Part I

Profile shots:

Skin Experiment: Rodan + Fields Review Part I

My chin, with lovely acne remnants:

Skin Experiment: Rodan + Fields Review Part I
Got to love pregnancy acne!

Now, I’m feeling a bit “naked” on here. Hopefully, it’s worth it. Come back in 30 days to find out if it was.

What is your skin care regimen?

***Thank go to my sister, Amy Hogue, a consultant for Rodan + Fields, for providing the skin care products in exchange for this review. Although I received this product free of charge, all opinions expressed are my own.**






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  1. Good luck with your experiment! I have been using my Rodan & Fields Redefine regimen since Setember and I love it! I can’t wait to see your results!!

    1. I can’t wait to see your picture next month… I think you will be surprised how awesome your skin looks : )

  2. So fun. I think your story is very common and women tend to not have time for skincare until is too late. Glad you decided to take the challenge and can’t wait to see your results!

    1. Please don’t misunderstand. I’ve been using moisturizer since I was 17 and taking care of my skin since 16. It’s just in the last 4 years (with little ones) that my skin care regimen has gone to pot, I’m ashamed to say.

  3. Can’t wait to see how it goes! I have crazy sensitive skin (thank you pregnancy) that turned from oily to dry.
    Can’t wait to “hear” how your experiment goes.

  4. This takes guts! It’s so hard to put your naked face out there for all to see. Looking forward to seeing how your skin experiment goes!

  5. Love that you are not only doing this for your sister, but also for yourself! As mother’s we sometimes let everything else come before ourselves. We deserve to look good and feel good! When using R+F a couple of years ago, I never saw myself taking the time to use a full regimen, but I committed and just like working out, once you start to see those results, you’re hooked and you make the time (in this case it was an extra 2-3 minutes, totally doable! ) Can’t wait to see your results and your journey! Enjoy!

  6. So exciting! I can’t wait to see your pics in 30 days! Taking care of ourselves is huge but often over looked with mom life! Enjoy the process!

  7. I LOVE R+F. Once you see your results you’ll see why so many people are obsessed with their products. I haven’t worn make-up in over 6 months. Good luck!

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