A Star Wars Love Affair

A Star Wars Love Affair

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Star Wars or Star Trek?”

A Star Wars Love Affair

I saw the question and knew how to answer without hesitation. For geeks like me, I don’t even have to think about my answer (Star Wars, FYI). But I know there are others who look at this question with confusion, thinking to themselves, “Who cares?” Whatever. They don’t know what they are missing. 

At the tender age of five, I sat in the back seat of the family station wagon with my sister as my parents drove us to the drive-thru to see Star Wars (1977). It is the first movie I remember ever seeing on a big screen. The movie captured my attention and my imagination. In those two hours, I fell madly, deeply in love with Star Wars.  

The summer of 1977, I spent pretending I was Princess Leia, desperately trying to persuade my mom to put buns on the side of my head. (She refused.) My heart belonged to Luke Skywalker (and Leif Garrett and Shaun Cassidy, but that’s a story for another time). I imagined Luke swinging me across a deep abyss and us falling in love. And yes, years later when I learned that Luke and Leia were twins, I was flabbergasted. 

As each movie came out, I wanted to be the first in line. Of course, being a child, I had to wait for my parents to take me to see the latest Star Wars adventure. By the time I saw them all, my parents bought all three on VHS for us to watch any time we pleased. And I did. I would watch all three over a weekend as a teenager, a few times a year. 

My love for the movies never ceased. As soon as I heard the rumors that George Lucas planned to film a prequel, I visited his website to investigate, reading everything I could. And when the movies came out, I was there on opening weekend ready to watch. Unlike some, I actually like The Phantom Menace. I do believe the other two were better, though.

My heart broke when I learned that Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney. I didn’t want to see the films turned into something they were never meant to be. That changed when I saw The Force Awakens. Once again, my imagination was taken to new heights. I loved that the protagonist was a woman this time. Rey made me want to be part of the Star Wars universe again.

When Netflix and Disney announced they entered into a multiyear agreement for Netflix to be the only outlet showing Disney movies (from all their studios), my excitement built! This deal meant that Star Wars movies would come to Netflix! 

And, it has finally happened. Rogue One is available to watch on Netflix. I saw the movie when it was first released. Now I can watch it any time I want. As many times as I want (when it gets removed, I’ll buy the movie). What can be better than that? Oh yeah, more Star Wars, of course. That will come in time, but until then, I’ll be watching Rogue One over and over. 

Oh, and I should explain that I have nothing against Star Trek. I do enjoy most of the TV shows and movies (well, anything without William Shatner). I just believe that Star Wars is better. Heck, I know it.

So, now you tell me. Star Wars or Star Trek?

A Star Wars Love Affair



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