Summer Bucket List 2016

Summer Bucket List 2016

School has come to an end (at least where I live). The temperatures have risen. It’s clear that summer is coming. And, just like last year, I have a lot I want to do. While I didn’t do everything I wanted to last summer, I think I can get it all done this year. Most of my list this year centers around my family. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Summer Bucket List 2016



One of the best things about moving to my new town is the number of public swimming pools, all within 10 minutes of where I live. I’m thrilled. I hope to take my girls to the pool at least once a week. Not only that, I have Ginny, my five-year-old, signed up for swimming lessons. I pray that she enjoys them more than I did when I was a little girl (hint: I hated them).

Time at the Beach

This year, we will spend our annual trip to visit my family in Florida at a beach house along the Gulf of Mexico. To say I’m excited might be an understatement of epic proportions. I’m most looking forward to spending time on the beach with my family. It will be fun watching my daughters play in the waves and make sand castles. As for me, maybe I’ll be able to read a book and soak up some sun.

Amusement Parks/Zoos/Museums

I don’t want to zone out and hide in the air conditioning all summer, no matter how tempting that is. I want to go to the zoo, a museum, or even an amusement park at least twice a month. That’s doable, right? When we do go to Florida, we plan to spend a day at Busch Gardens Tampa, head to Lowry Park Zoo, and entertain ourselves at the Museum of Science and Industry one afternoon. 

Eat Real Cubans (sandwiches, that is)

If you want to eat the best Philly cheese steak, you need to go to Philadelphia. If you want to eat the best Cuban sandwiches and can’t go to Cuba, then you head to Miami or Tampa. Since we will be in Tampa, I plan on taking my husband to a local Cuban restaurant and introducing him to the amazing flavors of a real Cuban. Yum!

Date Night

The other day, I told my husband, “The next time we go on a date…” to which he responded, “What is this thing you call a date?” Yeah, it’s been a long time since we have had any alone time, much less a date. So, my goal this summer is for us to go on at least one date. It would be great if we can go on two dates, but that’s unlikely.

Potty Train My Stubborn-as-Hell Three-Year-Old

I’ve tried to potty train Grace for over a year now. She shows all the signs of being ready, but this headstrong girl is just not interested. Short of taping her to the potty chair with duct tape, I’m at a loss. However, I hope that not being allowed to take swimming lessons and watching her sister take them motivates her. Or, she decides that she really does want to go to preschool in the fall and starts to use the potty. 


I want to get in shape and do so by walking. My goal is to walk every day, alternating casual walks with longer and more intense walks. By the end of the summer, I want to have completed at least one 5K plus go on one 5 mile walk per week (in addition to my other walks). I will do it.

Host a Summer Party/Cookout

We didn’t know many people at our old house. The only entertaining we did involved our family. After living in this house for almost 8 months now, I’ve made a few friends (or I’m in the process of making some friends) and we know several people in the area. So, in July, we want to host a summer party/cookout. 

Make Popsicles and Ice Cream

It’s summer, the perfect time to eat lots of ice cream and popsicles. So, why not make our own? I intend making some fresh fruit popsicles and using our ice cream maker for some delicious homemade ice cream. 

Go to Baseball Games

We love baseball in our house. We have plans to go to some games. While we are in the Tampa area, we will head to a Tampa Bay Rays game with my sister and her husband. Once we get back from vacation, we have some tickets to go see the Normal Cornbelters play, a professional team not part of Major League Baseball. We would love to go to St. Louis to a Cardinals game and up to Milwaukee to see the Brewers (my husband’s team). Whether or not we do that is still not known. 

What do you have on your summer bucket list this year? 

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  1. Your bucket list is SO much more realistic than mine usually are (and I’ve realized that I haven’t posted mine for the summer – indicative of how it’s going so far, really).
    I usually make the mistake of asking the kids what is on their list.

    It’s usually only half done.

    And when you said “eat real Cubans” I thought you were going to take your hubby to Cuba and I was all “WOO HOO”.
    But a real Cuban restaurant is awesome, too. I could find them in Chicago. I don’t think we have them in Dallas.

    1. Tampa has a large Cuban population. It really is one of the best places to get a Cuban sandwich (although I’m sure there are other fab places/cities to get one). I’ve never asked my kids but they are 1, 3, and 5. I don’t think their lists would be realistic. LOL!

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