Sunday Summary 11/24/13

What a week! So much happened that it feels more like 2 weeks passed than just one. 

In last week’s summary I mentioned that we were expecting lots of big thunderstorms. While my small town barely noticed any storms, the areas north and east of us were hit very hard. One town, Washington, IL, was hit by an EF-4 tornado, taking hundreds of homes. Other towns were affected too. In fact, the state of Illinois had 24 tornadoes touch down last Sunday. EF-4 tornadoes in Illinois are rare. Any tornadoes touching down in November is almost unheard of. I’m so glad that most people heeded the warnings and took cover. 

I did have one really bright spot in my week. On Wednesday, I met up with the Moms Club I discussed a while back. We all met for lunch at a member’s restaurant (Engrained Brewery Company). They put us all in a private large room with a couple large tables. As we waited for members and later for food, our kids were able to play with each other in the room. My oldest, Ginny, loved being able to play with the other kids. Her joy brought a smile to my face. Of course, I forgot to take any pictures. It was nice being able to spend an hour or so among other moms and have some adult conversation. 

Most of the week, though, was spent getting ready for our trip to visit my family in Florida. We cloth diapers so I had to run out and buy disposables for our trip. I had a lot of laundry to get done. Luckily, my husband helped out a lot with that nasty chore. When you combine all that with cooking meals and blogging every day, it made for a busy week.

Complicating matters, our garage door died over a week ago. My husband went to Lowe’s to get a new one and arrange for the installation. The person set to install it didn’t call us until Tuesday. He let us know he wouldn’t be able to come fix it until Friday morning, a week after my husband bought the new one. When I learned he wouldn’t come until Friday, I panicked a bit. We planned to leave for Florida Friday right before lunch. Knowing my luck, I figured the man would be late to install and late to leave, setting back our plans. However, I was wrong. The man actually showed up 15 minutes early and finished 30 minutes earlier than he anticipated. Yay, us! 

Since the man finished a bit earlier than expected, we were able to get on the road for Florida around 11. However, we didn’t actually go anywhere for another 40 minutes. Before we could leave, we dropped our dog, Daisy Mae, at the kennel to be boarded. Then, we went to McDonald’s to grab lunch. (Ginny and Grace had PB & J sandwiches that were prepared prior to leaving.) 

Sunday Summary
Grace after a couple hours on the road.

It was a long drive to my parents’ house. Ginny was excited. Over and over we heard her say, “We going to Grandma and Grandpa’s.” or “We going to Florida.” By over and over, I mean once every 5 minutes for the first 3 hours then once every 20 after that. Eventually we made it to Nashville where we stopped for the night. Early the next morning, we continued our journey. A little after 6 p.m., we drove into my parents’ driveway. (Luckily, Ginny only mentioned Grandma and Grandpa once every hour on day 2.) Today we just plan to relax and recover from our trip.

Posts I Made This Week

Monday: I decided to have fun with the sharing game, Never Have I Ever. Some of you shared your “Nevers” too! 🙂

Tuesday:  I posted a quick and easy slow cooker recipe for Beef Stroganoff

Wednesday: With it being Wednesday, I thought I would do a wordless post by sharing some pictures of our first snowfall of the season. 

Thursday: I turned a negative (my blog-reading pet peeves) into a positive with my post, 6 Tips to a Reader-Friendly Blog.

Friday: I shared another slow cooker recipe; this time for a Mexican dish, Chile Colorado Burritos. It is easy to make and very tasty.

Saturday: A busy week meant no time to test out a new dessert to share. So, for Sweet Saturday, I told you about my NON-love affair with chocolate in Life Without Chocolate.

Blogs of the Week

Early in the week, I read a few amazing blog posts. Show these bloggers some love by reading their great posts and maybe leaving them a comment.

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Being Included Children are amazing. They can see differences in their playmates, but they often don’t care. Often times, it is the adults who make it an issue.

Dear Santa The people of the Philippines are still trying to recover from the typhoon. Jhanis writes a letter to Santa to make sure he doesn’t forget those children.

Coming Soon

This week I will write about being a good house guest (while I am one), a day trip we will be taking to Savannah tomorrow, getting to go on a date with my husband, what I’m thankful for this year, and my Thanksgiving. 

How will you be spending your holiday?

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