Sunday Summary: Christmas Edition

Sunday Summary: Christmas Edition

It is hard for me to believe that Christmas Day has passed, and we are about to welcome in 2014. Time does move rather quickly. Too quickly at times. This week was no exception.

Early in the week my husband and I busied ourselves with preparations for Christmas Day. We had wrapping and cooking to do. I had planned on baking more cookies, but found myself lacking the motivation to do so. I never did make more cookies, candies or even Christmas pies. Even the Jesus birthday cake we ate was a cheat. It was store-bought. 

The day after Christmas ended up being hell on earth in my home. Toddler #1 was over-tired and suffering from what I now term, Christmas hangover. She was overwhelmed with all her new toys. She wanted to play with every toy in sight. If Toddler #2 dared touch what she was playing with, then she would promptly have

Sunday Summary
My girls actually found a few minutes where they got along on the day after Christmas.

a fit. It didn’t matter if it was her toy or her sister’s. After all, toddler rules apply. Poor Grace went to play with her new blocks. Ginny yelled, tackled her sister, and removed the blocks from Grace’s hands. Ginny found herself in time out before she could play with the blocks. Several toys were hidden because of the conflict that arose. Nap time couldn’t come fast enough. Ginny actually slept. The quiet helped me settle down, although visions of duct tape kept invading my otherwise peaceful thoughts. My husband arrived home from work by the time the girls were up from their naps. Unfortunately, the nap did nothing to improve my oldest’s mood. She was a pill for the next few hours until bed time came. Once she was in bed, my husband looked at me and said, “I don’t know how you do this all day.” There are times I’m not sure myself.

On Friday, my girls and I drove the two hours to St. Louis for a Davis Family Christmas (my mom’s side of the family…aunts, uncles, cousins). DH was unable to come due to work. Luckily, my girls were angels that morning. So much better than the day before. We drove down, stopped for an early dinner, then checked in at a hotel. Once we got settled and I changed the girls, we made our way to my aunt’s house, where the party was being held. At 6:30, it was already full of people. I had a lovely evening spending time with my extended family. I love seeing them and visiting. Toddler #1 enjoyed eating lots of cookies off the low dessert table (stinker! LOL), and my normally shy Toddler #2 was very smiley and friendly. Unfortunately, soon after the gift exchange was done, Grace’s smiles came to an end, and she made it clear that she was done for the night. I would have loved to stay later, but I needed to get my girls to bed. Maybe next year when both girls are older, I can stay later….I mean, we can stay later. 😉

Since returning home, I’ve been in the mood to just relax. Other than constantly picking up toys and putting them away, I have done very little, and I’m okay with that. Soon, I will be busy making preparations for New Year’s. I might as well rest now.

Posts I Made This Week

Thursday: Despite my husband having to work, Our Family Christmas was pretty amazing. 

Friday: I shared the recipe I used for Christmas dinner, Beef Burgundy. It was A-Maz-Ing!!! Oh, and it was a slow cooker recipe, too.

Blogs of the Week

I finally had a few moments to catch up on reading some blogs. I didn’t read much, but loved these two. You should really check them out.

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Climbing Your Own Wall A Scottish friend of mine wrote this lovely post. 

Coming Soon

Well, I ended up not doing half the posts I said I would last time. I decided I needed a few days off for Christmas. So…this week I’ll likely have several posts: 2-3 recipes, a post on our New Year’s traditions, and possibly one summarizing my year in blogging and goals going forward. +

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  1. I salute you mama! Traveling with the kiddos on your own! I don’t even dare do that to the mall! I have monkeys for kids! LOL
    Thank you so much for the shout out! Appreciate this a lot. Me too I haven’t been able to read a lot of blogs, I do on my phone but it’s hard to comment because I am touch screen challenged so I just read 🙂
    So you ready for the New Year’s celebration?
    jhanis recently posted…How to Improve Your Luck in 2014

    1. It was a challenge, not something I want to do often. LOL!

      As for New Year’s, kind of. We cook up appetizers for dinner on NYE. Then, this year we will have our big turkey dinner on New Year’s Day with all the pies I planned to make for Christmas. My husband has the day off so we thought we would make it our big day. 🙂

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