Sunday Summary

This past week was a busy one! My family had a lot going on and a lot of preparation for my baby’s first birthday celebration (2 weeks early, but who’s counting?). 

I recently became an active member of the local chapter of MOMs Club International. There were a couple of activities I participated in this week. Monday morning we went to Ergadoozy, a local indoor activity center for kids. We spent over an hour there playing and “socializing”. (Okay, I socialized, my girls played.) Then Wednesday night, I had my first EVER moms’ night out. It was a painting party. Each one of us started with similar canvases and were instructed on what to do (paint) as we went. I felt confident for a little while until the last step. Oh well. It was my first painting since middle school. I enjoyed the experience a lot. 

We were going to attend a baby playgroup Thursday morning, but my daughters developed nasty colds, particularly my baby. We decided to stay home instead of getting the other babies sick. Maybe we’ll make the next playgroup in November. 

I’ve also been quite busy with blogging and promoting my blog. I took a dare and wrote a couple of companies about whether they would be willing to sponsor my blog or not. Only one responded. They weren’t negative about me, per se, but they don’t sponsor individual bloggers. However, they did send me to a website survey to fill out in case opportunities arise in the future. The other company I wrote to has not responded. I doubt they do. I’m just proud of myself for taking a chance.

art work
My “art” that I did Wednesday night.

Another thing I’ve been busy with is restarting my genealogy blog, Traces of My Past. I must be insane having 2 active blogs going, but I love researching my family history. 

Posts I Made This Week

Monday: Sweet & Sour Pork Chops that I made were amazing. They are a delightful recipe for the grill. 

Wednesday: I discussed the challenges of having a toddler as they go through their stages of development with “My Turn! My Turn”. Are you surviving your toddler’s terrible twos?

Friday: It was time for me to make a dessert. My favorite dessert flavor is lemon and the Lemon Squares I made took me right back to college. They were oh, so good! 

Blogs of the Week

I read some fabulous blogs this week. Here are a few that you should stop by and read:

Pregnancy Sucks!

Special Occasions

A Day in the Life Jhanis shares first hand experience of living through the recent earthquake in the Phillipines

Fact-Checking Facebook

The questions I SHOULD have asked before deciding to have a baby.

Coming Soon

This next week I will be busy as ever blogging again. You can look forward to blogs about Grace’s first birthday celebration today, a Halloween post at the end of the week, and a couple of recipes, one on mini-apple pies and some Taco Soup. Mmmmm…..I’ll also be co-hosting my last Turn It Up Tuesday! Please stop by for a special week, submitting one regular post and one Halloween post. We’ll feature the best in each category. 

And, crazy enough, I am going to take on the challenge of posting every day in November through NaPoBloMo with BlogHer. Are you ready to take that challenge? 

I hope you have a fabulous week and a very Happy Halloween! 


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Hi! I'm Denise, a 40+ year old SAHM trying to navigate the world of motherhood. I blog about parenting, food, and have been featured a few times on BlogHer. I enjoys solving mysteries (Okay..reading mysteries or watching them on TV), cooking, and drinking way too much caffeine than I should. Basically, anything I needs to do to survive the toddler years.



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  1. Looks like you’ve been busy and about to get more busy! I’ve been emailing a couple of local companies too to check if they would be willing to sponsor my review blog. Heard from one but they declined. I guess it’s because my other blog is too new. Guess I have to wait a few more months, post more and work on building readership.
    Thank you so much for the shout out! Appreciate it much! 🙂

    1. It is amazing how busy you get once you have 2 little ones. I think I’m in the same position as you. I don’t have that many followers yet. I need to keep building that up. But now that I’m self-hosted I won’t have issues with any terms & conditions when I do get advertisers/sponsors. I forgot to add that I revamped my “About” page and added contact and advertising pages. We’ll both get there eventually!

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